Michigan State Position Battle To Watch

While most of the talent has centered on the changes to the Michigan State defensive with the loss of Ed Davis, another position battle should be getting more attention. Spartan Digest looks at what could prove to be a bigger battle as the Spartans get closer to the start of the season.

There is no mistaking the loss of fifth-year senior Ed Davis was an early blow to the Michigan State defensive attack. But recruiting efforts have placed Michigan State with depth at linebacker and sophomore Chris Frey looks like a player that can step forward and handle the load.

But recent comments about the early camp performance of true freshman Andrew Dowell has turned a lot of attention to the position, Spartan fans may be missing out on the battle at field corner that we feel could prove to be even more important in the success of the Spartans defense in 2015.

When released the Spartans preseason depth-chart listed Darian Hicks and Arjen Colquhoun battling for the starting role at field corner. Hicks, who is out with mono and without a date for a possible return gone leaving fifth-year senior Colquhoun as the name ready to take over the position.  While reviews have been solid about the Canadian so far in camp, Colquhoun has only shown glimpses of the abilities he used coming out of high school to earn his scholarship offers.

Because of the uncertainity at the position, Spartan Digest would not be surprised if the Spartans look at moving Vayante Copeland over to field corner putting him on the field at the same time with Demetrious Cox at boundary corner.

Copeland has worked hard since the spring and would bring a player with speed, ball skills and the mentality to play the position. No matter where the Spartans look to line up Copeland, we feel he'll be a player Spartan fans should get to know more about as he's going to see the field a lot in 2015.

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