Ohio 2017 Michigan State offensive line target talks about his game day visit for the Spartans battle against Oregon on Saturday.

Ohio 2017 offensive line recruiting Matt Bockhorst was one of the many recruits Michigan State had on campus Saturday for the Spartans big game against Oregon. Bockhorst already holds an offer from the Spartans but saw a different side on his game day visit.

Feedback is starting to come in on how Michigan State fared with the many recruiting prospects in attendance for Saturday’s big match-up with Oregon.

Cincinnati St. Xavier junior offensive lineman Matt Bockhorst earned an early offer from the Spartans but saw something new during his game day visit.

“It was awesome,” said Bockhorst.  “From the very beginning I thought it was well put together as they had a lot of guys there.  I felt they handled the numbers very well and that was something I didn’t know how it was going to go down with that many recruits.  I had heard rumors they were going to have a lot of guys there, but they did it very well as they catered in Buffalo Wild Wings.  So I was down with that and got to polish off about 25 wings and some sides before the game.

“I thought the atmosphere was ridiculous and I’ve been to some very big games in the past as a fan.  But that atmosphere was crazy and the student section was huge and I was just in awe.”

That feeling was something Bockhorst shared with Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio prior to the game.

“When I was down on the field for warm-ups talking with Coach Dantonio, I told him this is what college football is all about right here.”

Did that feeling help the Spartans when it comes to a possible future commitment from the Ohio offensive lineman?

“I think it would be stupid to say that I’ve not thought about that,” he said.  “I’ve not visited Michigan State three times and the more times you visit you get more comfortable with the staff and get to meet some people you’ve maybe not met before or some commits.

“So I was able to introduce myself to Messiah deWeaver as I was with Noah Davis.  So just the little things like building relationships is big and that was something Coach (Curtis) Blackwell said to us as he talked about football and academics being a huge part of all this.  But in the end, it also comes down to the people that you are with and I’ve been able to get very comfortable with Michigan State.  It’s early and I’m not looking to rush into a decision, but I would definitely say they are in contention for me to play college football.”

Bockhorst has been able to meet several coaches during the process and Mark Dantonio has impressed him so far.

“Coach Dantonio is a guy that I feel comfortable with going up and shaking his hand and starting a conversation with,” he said.  “You feel comfortable and it’s not like he’s a head coach, but more of a father figure.”

As for the overall experience, Bockhorst handed out some grades on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.

GAME GRADE: From a run game standpoint they had some big plays and opened up some big holes.  Then there were times not so much.  I’m a pretty tough grader but will give them an 8 out of 10 as it was a big game and there are always things to work on.  They always teach you that.

RECRUITING VISIT GRADE: As I said nothing is perfect… But I would give them a 9 out of 10 as it was an outstanding experience.  Maybe it could have been a 10 if parking was easier as we had to park in Lot 77, so it was a little bit of a hike.

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