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Learn more about the first visit Prince Sammons made to Michigan State when the Spartans played Oregon.

Saturday provided Prince Sammons his first chance to see Michigan State. We check with his father about their visit to watch the Spartans play Oregon on the big stage.

The offer list for Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy lineman Prince Sammons is too long to list.  Sammons, who has only played the sport going on three seasons, is still a raw prospect who could play on the defensive line or see a move to offensive tackle.

Saturday’s visit finally ended talk of when the 6-foot-7 Sammons would visit East Lansing.  Who did the day go?

“The visit was good,” said father Brandon Sammons.  “The atmosphere was awesome and you can’t beat a Top Ten match-up in a stadium like that.  We didn’t realize how much their crowd got into games, so that was pretty fun from a football standpoint and a fan of college football to see.  

“The game itself lived up to the billing and you can never count Oregon out as they are so explosive.  But Prince loved the game for all of those reasons.  He didn’t get to see as much of campus as he was hoping to and that was because of the time restraints to get up there.  But he got a decent enough feel for the kind of campus it is and we saw that the campus was passionate about their football team.  I don’t think we saw anyone wearing anything but green and white.”

Not only were the Sammons excited to get their first look of the Spartans, it sounds like the Spartans were happy to see Prince on their campus for such a big game.

“Coach (Harlon) Barnett was excited that he was going to have a chance to get up there and Coach (Ron) Burton was excited to see him,” continued Sammons.  “So it seemed like they were excited for him to have a chance to get up there.  So this gave him a chance to see the campus a little bit and learn more about their team and how they operate things.”

What will be the next step by Sammons in his interest with the Spartans be?

“We talked on the drive back home and he’s been thinking through a lot of things and the gravity of the decision has started to come to light on how huge of a decision this is,” he said.  “He doesn’t want to make the wrong decision, so in some reguard it has been overwhelming.  But he understands he needs to declare where he’s going to take his official visits too.  So we’re working on coming up with five schools that he wants to visit in the next week or two.  As of right now, he’s only got one visit planned and that is to Oregon in two weeks.

“During our time in the car we talked about him sitting down with mom, myself and his high school coach Eric Taylor and talk through his top five schools so we can start to work out some of the details on visits so he’s not waiting until after the season is over and then has to rush to make a decision.”

At this time there is no decision on if the Spartans end up being one of five schools to receive a visit from Sammons as talks between the two have not reached that level yet.  But the Sammons family fully understands teams can only take so many recruits and some programs may have already reached their capacity.

“Light bulbs are starting to go off and I feel Prince is starting to feel comfortable to make some decisions on where he’s wanting to visit,” explained Sammons.  “We’ve talked about a bunch of different schools and there are some schools that have removed themselves having already filled up their classes from a commitment standpoint.  Prince knows he can’t wait too long as there is a chance schools he’s really interested in could also fill up soon.  I’m guessing he will take all five official visits, but we’ll have to see as you never know with kids.”

Spartan Digest will continue to follow any developments on the interest in the Spartans from Sammons in the coming weeks.

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