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One final look at Jalen Watts-Jackson's game winning touchdown against Michigan now named 'Rangers Mission: 4-10' by Mark Dantonio.

We know Michigan State Spartan fans across the world can't get enough of watching Jalen Watts-Jackson take a Michigan mishandled punt and score giving the Spartans a 27-23 win over their rival. Here is one more look at the play Mark Dantonio now calls 'Rangers Mission: 4-10.

The play that has been played a million times since it happened Saturday night has officially been given a name by Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio.

“I came up with Rangers Mission 4-10, how’s that,” said Dantonio.  “That’s it, now we’re on to Indiana.”

Unless you’ve been asleep since Saturday night you’ve seen the play that put a stake in the hearts of Michigan fans and made Michigan State fans cheer from all points on the globe.

But while Dantonio is ready to move on to the Spartans next opponent Indiana, Spartan Digest is pretty sure you want to take one more look at what might go down as the greatest play in Michigan State football history.

Scott Reed - Spartan Digest

The photos used for this .gif were taken by Scott Reed for Spartan Digest.

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