Michigan State linebacker Darien Harris feels trip to Columbus will be another fun experience when the Spartans take on Ohio State.

For fifth-year senior linebacker Darien Harris the trip to Ohio State this weekend will be another fun adventure for the Michigan State Spartans. Harris talked about the Buckeyes offensive attack and first trip to Columbus.

While many Michigan State fans pointed to the play of the Spartans secondary in last years loss to Ohio State, linebacker Darien Harris knows the Buckeyes do more than throw the football.

“They do a great job of staying behind their blockers, staying tight to the gaps they are supposed to hit.  So we got to be incredibly sound in that aspect on defense,” said Harris.  “I would definitely agree that last year when they were able to establish the run that’s when the pass opened up.  We had them in a lot of third down and two, third down and three, third down and short yardage situations and they were able to muscle it forward for the first down, whether it was with (J.T.) Barrett keeping the ball or handing it off to Ezekiel (Elliott).”

While this group of Spartan seniors have played the Buckeyes three times during their careers, none have stepped on the turf of Ohio Stadium.

“I’ve actually never been there,” he said.  “You know, we went our redshirt year, so I believe Shilique (Calhoun) traveled there, and Joel (Heath) who is in the house today, traveled there as well as an Ohio guy.  But one thing I do know, is we played in every Big Ten stadium, played in extremely tough environments, and now that the younger guys have been to a place like Nebraska and been to a place like Michigan and played in the Big House and know how it is in an environment like that, I don’t think there is anything that they can’t take and they can’t compete in and play to a high level in.

“So it just comes to a matter of this will be a new experience for all of us.  We take the challenges as more fun times for us and we’re already looking forward to it.”

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