Michigan State tight end Josiah Price knows the Spartans are getting healthy just at the right time.

With three catches that included a touchdown, Michigan State tight end Josiah Price looked like he's back from an injury that has slowed him ability on the field. Price knows he's not the only Spartan looking like they are back to 100-percent as the Spartans get ready for Iowa next.

The past few week’s Michigan State tight end Josiah Price has been fighting an injury that has kept him from being his normal self on the field.  Much like many of his teammates, Price looks as if he’s back to 100-percent and ready to help the Spartans reach the next step of their goal by winning next Saturday’s big match-up with Iowa in the Big Ten Championship Game.

On the stakes of the game...

I think the demeanor of our team ever since the Ohio State game; we went in there with a whole other mindset and energy level and just focus. I think that carried over to this whole week in practice. I mean, we knew where the stakes were at. We work all year long through all our conditioning programs, workouts and lifts for these moments to win championships and go to Indy. Definitely, I think the stakes were a little higher and so were our focus and intensity. You could tell that coming in this game. I feel like we were ready to go.

On the effect of the Nebraska game

I guess it kind of put us in reality a little bit and showed us we could lose. We've got to come out and finish every game. We've got to come out ready to play each and every game. I think it maybe did wake us up a little bit.

On the feeling of this moment...

It feels amazing. It's an amazing feeling to win championships. This is what we work for year round. We got step one done, but the job's not finished. We can't get too happy. We just won in the East, but we've got bigger goals ahead of us.

On having another scoring opportunity...

It felt pretty good to get back in the end zone.

On having Connor Cook back today...

He's such a great player and such a great leader. It meant a lot to us. It was great to have him back. He threw the ball pretty well today, I think. I don't know the stats, but I'd imagine he did pretty well. It was great to have him back - senior leader, senior night. It was special for him.

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