Many including Michigan State wide receiver R.J. Shelton feel the Spartans are peaking at the right time.

Michigan State receiver R.J. Shelton has a feeling the Spartans are just hitting their stride as they get ready to head to Indianapolis to take on Iowa in the Big Ten Championship Game.

R.J. Shelton pulled down four passes for 74-yards and one touchdown against Penn State in Saturday’s win over Penn State.  

Shelton feels like many that the Michigan State Spartans are just hitting their stride as they head to the Big Ten Championship game to play Iowa.

On peaking at the right time of the year...

Right now we are actually playing our best football. You have to play your best ball in November and leading into December and then on after that. We are just playing with a chip on our shoulder like we always do and playing Spartan football.

On Connor Cook...

He was ready to go. You know Connor Cook, he is always ready to go. You know he is going to give it his all, you know he is going to be confident. You saw it today. We were excited when we found out he was going to come back. We just knew it. It was the same old Connor Cook. The same guy who will lead us in the right direction, get us to score points faster and easier. He did his thing today. It was his last game here at Spartan Stadium and any senior would have wanted to come back to win this game, especially in the situation we were in.

On how the team played...

We're just playing Spartan football. Our defense was making plays at the right time. Anyone who is called makes a play. From wide receivers to running backs, we all make plays. You just have to come out and play every game hard. You can't take anything for granted. Especially for the seniors today, we wanted to get the dub.

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