Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook feels time off has him ready for the Spartans Cotton Bowl match-up with Alabama.

Day one of Michigan State’s Cotton Bowl experience found several Spartans talking with the media. For quarterback Connor Cook, the biggest question on the minds of the college football world is his health. Did the time off since the Big Ten Championship game help the Spartans signal caller?

The spotlight shined on Michigan State Spartans quarterback Connor Cook on the first full day of the team’s Cotton Bowl experience.

For Cook, all eyes are focused on how he’ll be health wise when the Spartans take the field against Alabama next Thursday night.  Did time help Cook to mend all his physical ailments? 

“Did everything,” said Cook.  “A lot of rest.  That’s the main thing.  When you have an injury and stuff, yeah, you can rehab it.  You can ice it or whatever, but rest is the key.  I was able to do that.  Didn’t really throw a whole lot.  Went home and did some extra rehab stuff, lifted a little bit, strengthened it, and rested.  I think it’s the best it’s felt so far.  That’s for sure.”

Some feel the Spartans offensive game plan will have to rely on Cook using his legs as much as his arm.  Does he see himself having to run more?

“It all just kind of happens out there,” he said.  “It’s not like you go into a game like, ‘I need to run.’  It’s kind of like instincts and the things you rely on in a game situation.  If I see an opening, I’ll take it.  We’ll just have to see come game time.”

As for the Alabama defense, Cook has seen the film coming away impressed.

“You turn the film and it looks like an NFL defense,” he said.  “They have got the size.  They’ve got the speed.  They’ve got the intelligence.  The guys on their team know how to run the defense.  They are very sound just like Iowa.  Iowa might not have had the biggest guys out there, but they knew how to stop the run.  They were in the gaps when they needed to be.  They were right where they needed to be when they needed to be.  That’s exactly how Alabama is.  They’re talented not just in the front end but the back end as well with their safeties and corners.”

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