Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio feels things are set in place for their match-up with Alabama in the 80th Cotton Bowl.

Mark Dantonio feels things are in place for his Spartans to take on Alabama in the 80th Cotton Bowl on Thursday night. What did the Spartans head coach have to say following his team's final bowl practice?

The Michigan State Spartans held their final practice in preparations for Thursday nights match-up with Alabama in the 80th Cotton Bowl.  But the day was a long one with off the field responsibilities also taking place.  

For Mark Dantonio, the two hour practice was not what worried him.

“Long day,” said Dantonio.  “We spent about two hours on a bus - half hour, half hour, half hour, half hour (commuting each way).  So, long day today and I think it’s important that our players are fresh.”

With each team taking part in the Cotton Bowl’s media day, Dantonio feels enough words have been said about the upcoming game.

“I think enough’s been said,” he said.  “That game’s played on the field.”

The Spartans two hour practice was spent working on the finer details of the game with Dantonio feeling his team is as ready as they can be.

“There will be some adjustments, I’m sure,” he said. “But for the most part we’re ready to go.”

While most bowl game prep allows for staffs to give younger players extra reps in the time leading up to the game.  Dantonio said knowing the Spartans have a chance to play another game changed their outlook of the practice.

“It’s a catch-22 situation,” he said.  “We need every single person.  So we can’t come out here and scrimmage our young guys because we don’t want to get anybody hurt.  They’re a value too, in terms of scout team and things of that nature.”

Wednesday both head coaches will have one more media session in the morning and then the Spartans will have one final walk-through at AT&T Stadium before Thursday night's kickoff.

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