Chris Frey played the role asked of him in 2015. The loss in the Cotton Bowl was a disappointment, but Frey is ready to work for 2016.

Disappointment was on the face of many Michigan State Spartans following their loss to Alabama in the College Football Playoffs. But Frey knows the time to go to work for 2016 will start in just a few days.

For high strung linebacker Chris Frey it was the way the Michigan State Spartans lost to Alabama in the 80th Cotton Bowl Classic that was still fresh in his mind when the media entered the Spartans locker room at AT&T Stadium.

While Frey is known for his high energy and reckless play, he was calm and cool when asked about the future of the program with the loss of so many top seniors.

Frey, who returned to the weight room early after last season’s Cotton Bowl win over Baylor, is now ready to start work for the 2016 season.

Watch the video above to understand how Frey was feeling following the game and his plan going forward.

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