With an offer from Michigan State, Jacub Panasiuk will have to make a decision to follow his older brother to East Lansing.

With older brother Mike Panasiuk getting ready to sign with Michigan State on National Signing Day, Jacub Panasiuk added an offer from the Spartans to his list. Should MSU fans feel Jacub will automatically join his brother in East Lansing?

The Michigan State Spartans have been blessed over the past several years as the Bullough and Allen families have sent multiple sons to East Lansing to play for Mark Dantonio.

Now, the Panasiuk family could be next in line to join the family atmosphere Dantonio has built with the Spartans as Jacub Panasiuk will have a chance to join older brother Mike a year from now.

“Yes, the Michigan State offer is a big one,” said Panasiuk.  “I’ve been to Michigan State a couple of times with Mike and was with him on his official visit.  I got to be around the commits with Mike and the coaches more and built some strong relationships with most of the coaches.  I spoke with Coach Dantonio for a little while and realize that it’s a special place and a big time offer.”

Does younger brother feel he’s got an advantage from watching his brother maneuver the recruiting process?  

“It definitely does,” he said.  “I got to go with him and visit most of the schools that offered him.  I realized it was a blessing to see all the schools and get a step ahead of everyone in the recruiting process that is my age.  So it was just crazy watching everything that was happening to him and then getting passed on to me.”

With his brother on the verge of officially becoming a member of the Spartans football program.  Does he feel his offer from MSU could speed up his decision?

“I don’t know if it speeds it up,” he said.  “I think it opens the door and lets other schools notice.  I guess it speeds it up as it brings bigger schools in and gives my head coach the ability to reach out and talk to other schools about recruiting me.”

While Panasiuk is in no hurry to add his name to the Spartans 2017 recruiting class, he has thought about playing on the same team as his brother again.

“Playing this year and last year with him was pretty exciting,” he explained.  “We’ve talked about playing together at the next level and he always brought it up to me before they offered me that I could play at Michigan State with him.  So it would be pretty neat if we got the opportunity to play at the next level together.”

As for when he might look to end his own recruitment, Panasiuk feels he’s got a time in his head. 

“I’ve set a date on when I want to commit, but that date might change,” he said.  “I’ve talked with my head coach and he’s just telling me to stay focus and to keep the door open for other schools so I can compare them to Michigan State since that’s my top offer right now.  He also said take it all in slowly and just be grateful for everything that is going on.”

Panasiuk didn’t grow up with a dream school but knows playing on the same team as his brother in college would fulfill a wish.  But he’s also thought about playing against him as well.

Scout will continue to follow the developments of Jacub in the coming months.

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