Future Michigan State tight end Noah Davis reflects on his official visit, time as a St. Xavier Bomber and future as a Spartan.

Future Michigan State tight end Noah Davis spoke with Spartan Digest about his recent official visit. Learn more about what Davis had to say about his time on campus at his future home.

Last weekend Cincinnati St. Xavier tight end Noah Davis made the trek for about his fifth time to see his future as a Michigan State Spartans football player. 

“My official visit went really well,” said Davis.  “Just getting to meet some more coaches and some of the recruits that hadn’t met person-to-person, face-to-face was nice.  I feel I’m bonding with Naquan Jones and A.J. Arcuri.  But I think we’re just all doing a feeling out process right now.”

What was it like knowing while only a few days away from signing his letter of intent, he’s still a few months away from starting his Spartans career?

“It’s kind of surreal, I know it’s so close, yet, so far away to grasp,” he said.  “I’m kind of glad I get to finish out the second semester of my senior year as there is nothing like that.  But I also can’t wait to get up there in the summer to get started.”

Looking back, Davis knows he wasn’t a fan of the recruiting process overall.

“Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of the recruiting process as I’m not a touchy feely guy,” he explained.  “I always enjoyed visiting Michigan State and looked forward to it.  But I’m not a big travel guy.  But Michigan State just stands out in my mind as the most joyful part of the whole process.”

Looking back Davis looks at his decision to become a Spartan with another big decision he made when picking a high school.

“Probably to date one of the best decisions I made in my life was attending St. Xavier,” he stressed.  “I was pretty close going to Moeller and I’m not sure what would have happened there.  St. Xavier is a great school academically and I don’t know how going to a different program with a different coach other than Coach (Steve) Specht would have turned out.  But it all worked out for the best and one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life to date.”

Will walking out the doors at St. Xavier be one of the hardest things he’s done in his young life?

“I think it’s going to be hard to leave St. Xavier as there are a lot of great memories made there,” he said.  “The guys you meet there you’ll be friends with the rest of your life and they will probably be in your wedding.  So I don’t how many high schools out there where you can build relationships like you do at St. Xavier.”

As for his official visit, Davis started the process of connecting with some of his future teammates.

“Matt Sokol was my host and I really enjoyed hanging out with him as he’s one of the young tight ends,” Davis continued.  “I also met Josiah Price and Nathan Conrad.  I went to the basketball game with them and we just talked about what it’s like and about the little things you get to do because you’re in football and how the life is.  I also saw the apartments you can live in after you get out of the dorms and it just gave me some reassurances in my decision.”

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