What do the experts think about former Michigan State offensive lineman Jack Conklin?

The experts give their thoughts on former Michigan State offensive lineman Jack Conklin and how he'll stand up in the NFL Draft this spring. (Video Credit: MSU Athletic Communications)

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Offensive Tackle Jack Conklin


ESPN analyst and 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Bill Polian:“He’s all football player – he’s powerful, he’s aggressive, he comes off the ball. He might end up at right tackle when it’s all said and done, but he ran more than well enough (Friday) to tell you that there are people playing left tackle in this league at that speed. But the thing that impresses you is the heart, the intensity, the power with which he plays. He’s a ‘sure-make’ guy. I can’t tell you at what position, where along the offensive line, but he’s going to make it and he’s going to play for a long period of time.”


ESPN analyst Todd McShay: “He’s come a long way, he really has. It’s really impressive. I think it’s kind of indicative of the Michigan State program. Sometimes two-star, three-star players to these national recruiting services, they bring in, develop, and turn into really good, productive NFL players. So he’s just another one in a long line. The thing that jumps out to me, not an elite athlete necessarily, but functional in terms of mobility, but he’s strong, he’s tough, he’s physical at the point of attack, and he’s one of those guys that enjoys finishing. I think maybe it’s left tackle, probably more likely right tackle, but wherever it is, I think he’s going to be a good tone-setting starter in the NFL.”


NFL Network analyst Charles Davis: “Those sort of things, we always run into how athletic is a certain player? Because Jack has a reputation of being a mauler, as you well know. A big, strong, physical kid. But he’s got good foot work, moves well. And then to see him not just run straight ahead fast, but looked like he flashed pretty well in the drills too where he had to move and change direction, I think that only helped him, because I think he was already in the first round, and (Friday) it was probably solidified.”


Sirius XM NFL analyst Jim Miller: “Really impressive what he’s done. He’s a pack-a-lunch, bring a flashlight type-of-guy, and there’s a lot of teams in the league that look for that. And again, because Michigan State runs the football, a lot of teams now running these spreads, some guys don’t even get in the three-point stance. Conklin is ahead of the curve in terms of his development and readiness to play in the National Football League. A lot of people have him probably late first round, a team like Seattle could be losing their left tackle in Russell Okung, and I know they’re high on a guy like Jack Conklin.”

Comments provided by MSU Athletic Communications

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