What do the experts think about former Spartans Jack Allen, Lawrence Thomas and Joel Heath?

The experts give their opinion on the draft status of former Michigan State Spartans, Jack Allen, Lawrence Thomas and Joel Heath. (Video Credit: MSU Athletic Communications)

All comments provided by MSU Athletic Communications

Scott Reed - Spartan Digest
Center Jack Allen


NFL Network analyst Charles Davis: “I love that with the wrestling background, because what do wrestlers know? A couple of things. Number one, they know how to fight and compete. Number two, there is zero quit in a wrestler, if anyone is a good one, and obviously Jack was. And last but not least, leverage. And to be able to play in this league, no matter what your size, low man wins when it’s big man on big man and that helps out a lot.


“Now he’s a guy, when I look at him, I often think of Corey Linsley over at Ohio State. I know for Michigan State, oh don’t bring up Ohio State, but Corey Linsley was a sixth-, seventh-round kid that I liked a lot coming out, maybe didn’t hit every measurable he wanted, he’s only been starting since he was a rookie with Green Bay. I think Jack Allen has got a chance to be a good player.”


Sirius XM NFL analyst Jim Miller: “(Jack’s) another guy who had a great week at the Senior Bowl. He comes with a lot of experience. What every team is looking for is the versatility; center-guard combo, he could potentially be a plug-and-play player, probably a mid-rounder.”

Scott Reed - Spartan Digest
Defensive Lineman Lawrence Thomas


NFL Network analyst Charles Davis: “He’s moved around positions. So for him to get solidified in a spot and finally get some time, you know what, he was a tight end or fullback for a while, that athleticism that you spoke about, let him continue to get settled in playing the defensive front. He may not wow you with numbers, I don’t think he’s going to be a guy that’s all of a sudden going to be a double-digit sack guy in the NFL. But I think he’s got enough strength and ability to hold the point of attack and make a few plays running up and down the line of scrimmage. People will be intrigued by him a little bit.”


Sirius XM NFL analyst Jim Miller: “Big guy that can move. Here’s a guy, when you look at Lawrence Thomas, he impressed everybody down at the Senior Bowl because he’s a big guy who’s an athlete. A lot of teams, I’ll bring up Seattle again, they’ve used guys like this and put them in different positions. They’ve taken defensive linemen and put them as offensive guards, they’ve taken defensive linemen and placed them at fullback, they even had an old tight end in (Garry) Gilliam who’s know a tackle out there in Seattle. So they want the athletes. They kind of project him (Thomas) into different positions. But I think Thomas now has found a home on the defensive side of the ball because he’s a big man; not only can he stop the run, but he has the ability to put a little pass rush on the quarterback as well because he’s such a versatile athlete.”

Scott Reed - Spartan Digest
Defensive Tackle Joel Heath


NFL Network analyst Charles Davis: “Not a surprise (having his best year as a senior). I mean, this is a program that, I remember when I was playing at Tennessee, our head coach Johnny Majors would talk about guys that wanted to leave all the time, and he used to say ‘guys, those who stay will play.’ Joel Heath persevered. You talk about the injuries, getting through things. That toughness, that part of being a Spartan, that toughness that Coach Dantonio puts into the program and preaches, and now the kids do it themselves. That’s what we say this last year, a lot of them put together a very nice season.”


Sirius XM NFL analyst Jim Miller: “I think he’s a tough guy. He never takes a play off, he works hard to the quarterback every single play, or tracking down ball carriers, and he’s just a worker bee. Ninety percent of the NFL locker rooms are made up of the worker bees. I was a worker bee in the NFL; granted, I played quarterback, but it was a struggle to make the roster sometimes every year, but you stick for a long time in the NFL, and that could be Joel Heath.”


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