In state wide receiver Cody White was excited to earn an offer from the Michigan State Spartans.

Holding double digit scholarship offers didn’t make the offer Cody White received from Michigan State any less exciting. Spartan Digest spoke with White about his offer from the Spartans.

Three-sport standout Cody White added an offer from the Michigan State Spartans recently and is excited about the Spartans joining a growing lists of offers.

“The offer from Michigan State was exciting,” said White.  “Especially since I’m home grown and have been going there since my freshman year.  So this was an exciting offer.”

While White knows there is still time remaining before making his college decision known, he’s sure to have a couple of people close to him in his ear.

“Both my grandparents went to Michigan State,” he said.  “They’ve kind of adoptive me as a Michigan State fan.  But over the past few years, I’ve kind of grown up a college football fan.”

Standing 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, White feels his game has a lot to offer any offense.

“I would say I can beat people deep as well as being a possession receiver,” explained White.  “I’ve never dropped a ball, so that is how I would describe myself.”

With several offers already on the table, White is not ready to tip his hand as to a favorite at this point of the process.  But it sounds like the Spartans have his attention.

“The interest is high as well as with all my other offers,” he said.  “I’ve been talking with Coach (Mark) Staten, Coach (Brad) Salem and Coach (Terrence) Samuel.  I’ve also been talking with Coach (Mark) Dantonio a little.”

It’s been awhile since White has been on campus but he hopes to return soon.

“The last time I was at Michigan State was during the Oregon game,” he said.  “They invited me and I decided to go up there.  Hopefully, I’ll get back there soon as I’m looking at sometime in April to visit.”

Did the visit during the Oregon game give him some sense of what the Spartans have to offer.

“On campus there was a good environment as everybody was ready for the game,” he said.  “Everybody around the campus was involved with Michigan State and then going into the game, you knew it was going to be wild as everyone was cheering for them and was hyped up.  So it was a good environment.”

Despite his success White knows now is not the time to rest on offers and what others think of him.

“I always try to stay humble and stay working throughout the entire process,” he said.  “Even though I’m getting these kind of offers, you’ve got to keep working and keep playing.”

Not missing from what White is seeing is the success the Spartans have enjoyed with their receivers during and after their MSU careers.

“I see how they get their receivers open and get them the ball by keeping the run game going,” explained White.  “They keep it pushing and just how they are physical up front and exciting.  You can see it’s a program that develops their guys.

“It show how they are progressing young men into men and developing football players as well as they can be.  Sending them to the NFL just improves their program.”

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