Fairfield (Ohio) 2018 offensive lineman Jack Carman talks about his on campus visit to Michigan State.

A first visit to Michigan State for Fairfield (Ohio) sophomore offensive lineman Jack Carman gave the standout offensive lineman a solid first impression of the Spartans. Spartan Digest spoke with Carman about his visit.

Ohio 2018 offensive lineman Jackson Carman finally made his way to East Lansing for a visit with the Michigan State Spartans.

“It’s been a great experience,” said Carman.  “All the people are very friendly and there is nothing hostile about it as everybody takes you in.  I got a good vibe from the place.”

As for Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio, Carman came away impressed.

“He’s nice,” he said.  “He really didn’t go overboard on anything and just tried to explain himself.  He’s himself, is the best way to put it.  He’s geuniue.”

It’s not often Carman comes across others of his physical size when visiting schools.  One exception is Spartans offensive line coach Mark Staten.

“Coach Staten has huge hands and is a really nice guy,” he said.  “He’s very up tempo and a positive type of guy.  Very encouraging and gets right to the point.”

As for what stood out the most during his visit, Carman came away liking what he saw in the Spartans locker room.

“I liked the locker room with the lighting in there,” he said.  “They also have magnets of the players on their lockers and that was pretty cool.”

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