Cincinnati Moeller tight end Matt Dotson talks about his recent visit to Michigan State and where the Spartans stand in his recruitment.

On Friday night Cincinnati Moeller junior tight end Matt Dotson was extremely excited about the visit he’d just finished at Michigan State. Looking back at the visit Dotson spoke with Spartan Digest about where he stands with the Spartans.

For fans of the Michigan State Spartans, Friday night was one of joy as one of the top tight end prospects in the Class of 2017 put out to the world how great his visit to East Lansing had gone.

After waiting a few days, Matt Dotson talked with Spartan Digest about how the visit went and where he currently stands.

“I thought Michigan State was great and when it comes time to make a decision, they will be one of my top schools,” said Dotson.  “We (mother) saw everything when we went up there.  The athletic people in strength and conditioning. The academics and campus.  

“I thought campus was really spread out and really nice to see all the greenery.  It had a nature feel to it so that was nice and I really liked that part of it.

“We also talked with the coaches and some of the players.  I think we did everything we could do during our six hour visit.”

While Dotson feels he’s seen all he needs to know, he also wants to make a return visit.

“I know that even though we did everything, I want to go up there at least one more time before I make my decision so I can get another good feel for it,” he stressed.  “But it was good the first time.”

When is Dotson thinking about pulling the trigger?

“I was thinking about doing it in June,” he said.  “But it all depends as it’s been getting a little more, I wouldn’t say stressful.  But a little bit harder to make a decision.  Especially after visiting two great schools like Michigan State and Michigan.”

Another area completed during the visit was the continued building of relationships.

“Coach (Harlon) Barnett is coming down next week and I think that is pretty cool,” he said.  “Coach (Jim) Bollman is definitely a character and he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

“He coaches in the NFL and has the experience and he knows what to do with a player to help get them to the next level.  So I really like him alot and they really know what they are doing with tight ends and that’s a good benefit that they have.”

As for his time with Coach D, Dotson was impressed.

“We spent a good 30-45 minutes talking about life, football and what Michigan State has to offer,” he said.  “It was really nice to sit down and talk and I appreciated he took the time out of his busy day to do that.”

Could Dotson continue the Moeller pipeline to Michigan State?  He talked with a couple of former Crusaders about it during his trip.

“I talked with Shane Jones and Monty Madaris a lot,” he said.  “We’re just trying to keep the pipeline going from Moeller.  So we talked about that and they told me the inside about the program and I thought that was pretty cool.”

Dotson is planning to visit Penn State in the near future and knows he could also add more offers in the coming weeks.  

Spartan Digest will keep tabs on the direction Dotson’s recruitment goes in the coming weeks.

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