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Ohio 2018 defensive lineman Elijah Ratliff looked to turn heads at the recent Michigan State offensive/defensive lineman camp.

One of the young defensive linemen that caught the attention of onlookers during the Michigan State offensive/defensive line camp on Wednesday was Ohio 2018 defensive lineman Elijah Ratliff. Spartan Digest spoke with Ratliff about his interest in the Spartans.

Spartan Digest got our first glimpse of Reynoldsburg (Ohio) defensive lineman Elijah Ratliff during the Elite Big Man Camp in Wixom, Michigan back in February.

Wednesday, Ratliff attended Michigan State’s offensive/defensive line camp showing he’s a player to watch going forward.

“I thought it was a fun camp,” said Ratliff.  “It was very competitive and I liked going against guys from different states.  Being at the camp was pretty cool.”

While Ratliff turned the heads of visiting coaches from Central Michigan, Kent State and Toledo, it’s the Spartans Ratliff is hoping to grab the attention of in the near future.

“I like Michigan State a lot,” he said.  “I want to become a lawyer and they have a good law program.  I also like the atmosphere there and the overall program.  Coach (Mike) Tressel is a great coach and he said he likes me a lot.  But he also told me I need to get bigger (230-pounds) and I’m going to do that.

“Working with Coach (Ron) Burton was great as he’s really a hands-on coach.  He taught us during camp when he saw things we needed to correct.  So he taught me a lot of great things and he’s a really cool coach.”

Ratliff knows earning an offer from the Spartans is a major goal but is not afraid to work for it.

“To earn an offer from Michigan State would be a really big deal,” he said.  “They are a big school and I really like them and understand what it takes work wise to get there.  I would be extremely happy if that happened in the future.”

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