Ohio 2018 offensive lineman Blaine Scott camped at Michigan State and now waits to hear if he earned an offer from the Spartans.

One of the bigger names that camped at the Michigan State offensive/defensive lineman camp Wednesday was Ohio 2018 offensive lineman Blaine Scott. Spartan Digest caught up with Scott about his camp experience and if he earned an offer from the Spartans.

Ohio 2018 offensive lineman Blaine Scott has been adding offers to his list over the past few months but an offer he’s yet to receive is an offer from the Michigan State Spartans.

Scott understood he needed to camp in front of the Spartans coaching staff and was on hand for the recent offensive/defensive lineman camp in East Lansing.

“This was the first time I’ve seen the facilities at Michigan State,” said Scott.  “This time I got to see the football facilities along with the academic center.  So it was just a short little tour and I’m looking to set a date later this summer or in the fall to go back and see the whole campus setting.”

One thing that will push a visit would be an offer from the Spartans.  After camp, Scott spoke with Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio and offensive line coach Mark Staten about their interest.

“After the camp I went and talked with Coach Dantonio,” he said.  “He’s got so much class and talks about all the right things.  He’s an unreal person and it was pretty neat talking with him. 

“I also sat down with Coach Staten and I’m to call him on Friday after they review all the film from camp.  He said that is when he’ll let me know if I’ve got an offer or not.”

What would an offer from the Spartans mean to Scott?

“An offer from Michigan State would mean so much,” he said.  “Trevon Pendleton, who played at Michigan State and is from my hometown always talks about Michigan State.  I grew up best friends with him and to be able to play at a place he loves and had so much passion for would be wonderful.

“Plus, they’ve been like three-time Big Ten Champions and played in the College Football Playoff last year.  I guess just the home feeling environment that Coach D and Coach Staten bring to it is another reason I’m excited about them.

“They always talk about the right things and it’s not just all about football.  So it would be something I would consider very hard.”

Spartan Digest will have more with Scott if he adds an offer from the Spartans.

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