We look at a few storylines that could come out of the annual meeting of the Big Ten Conference football teams.

Mark Dantonio and three Michigan State Spartans will travel to Chicago for the official start of the 2016 football season with the kickoff of Big Ten Media Days. What are some of the storylines that could come out of the annual conference gathering?

The annual gathering in Chicago of the Big Ten Conference for the start of the football season gets underway Monday.

Spartan Digest looks at a few storylines that could come out of event.

Little Love For Spartans

It should be no secret the Michigan State Spartans will again enter a Big Ten season not favored to be the best of the Big Ten East.  That distinction belongs to Ohio State and Michigan according to a recent Cleveland.com preseason poll that has the Spartans as the third best team in the East with them receiving only one first place vote.  None of the voters placed the Spartans in the Big Ten Championship Game as again the Buckeyes and Wolverines are favored.

New Expansion Talk

The Big 12 has reacted to a new television deal signed by the ACC.  However, if and when the Big Ten looks to move to 16 teams down the road a couple of teams from the Big 12 could be targets.  While we don’t feel commissioner Jim Delaney or the conference is looking to expand, don’t be surprised if a few questions come up at some point over the next couple of days.  Could adding a few new teams down the year change how the conference is divided changing who the Spartans battle for the top spot in the Big Ten each year?

Changes To Depth Chart

Will there be changes to the Spartans depth chart.  Usually, the preseason depth chart is released during Big Ten Media Days giving us our first look at any changes the coaching staff took out of spring practice.  How far has freshman Donnie Corley moved up the depth chart?  How will the Spartans offensive line look to open camp?  Will anyone move from one side of the ball to the other?  We’ll be watching to see if anything is news worthy.

Status of Ed Davis

All eyes are on the academic progress being made by linebacker Ed Davis.  Many thought Davis would have no problem returning for a sixth season following an injury that wiped away last season.  But as explained in June by Dantonio.  Davis must earn his undergraduate sociology degree before he’ll get final approval for the extra season.  While we won’t know the final results until the Spartans enter camp, we’re sure Dantonio will be asked for a status update.

What Will Be The Media Buzz This Year

Last year all the buzz was surrounding Jim Harbaugh.  No matter where you turned last year in Chicago, everything was all about the new Michigan head coach.  Will Harbaugh still be the buzz this year with the off the field happenings the past few months with satellite camps and other stunts that have been reported?   Or will someone else step forward getting the love of the media?  We can guarantee again Michigan State will be treated like a team at the back of the conference as compared to the defending conference champion.

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