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Michigan State is keeping a eye on an Ohio cornerback that has never played football. Learn more about Jadon Furlow of Dayton Belmont.

One of the top prospects in Southwest Ohio for the 2018 recruiting class will play football for the first time this fall. However, he's already caught the eye of the Michigan State Spartans.

This fall the Michigan State Spartans will be keeping a careful eye on a player very few know about. 

For Dayton (Ohio) Belmont junior defensive back Jadon Furlow, this fall will be a first as the 6-foot-1, 175-pound defensive back has not really played football.

What made Furlow decide to finally give the game a shot?

“I saw an opportunity that I never would have again so I decided to give it a shot,” said Furlow.  “I played one game of football during pee-wee football in fourth grade.  At that time, I didn’t really like football so I stayed with baseball and basketball.

“But I’ve had friends and coaches telling me all about football and decided with my athletic ability that I would try it out.  I decided to attend some camps this summer and I’m loving football more and more each time I'm on the field.”

Furlow’s breakout camp came at the Midwest Gridiron Showcase at Huber Heights Wayne High School where Michigan State got their first look with Furlow catching the eye of Spartans defensive back coach Harlon Barnett.

“The Midwest Gridiron Showcase was my best camp,” he said.  “With all the college coaches there, I felt pressure to perform.  I really like to perform under pressure because it makes me play a lot better.  That is where Michigan State saw me and said they will be checking on me this season.

“I also attended camps at Miami Ohio, Cincinnati and a camp at Wayne State University.  Miami and Cincinnati coaches both said they'll be looking at my early film as they liked what I did in their camps.”

Attending these camps taught Furlow more about himself and about his future in football.

“At the camps I learned there is a lot I need to learn about the game,” he said.  “I especially need to work on my technique at corner and I also learned how to keep under control even when I’m frustrated when I don’t know what to do.”

Furlow knows his big test will come in just over a week when Belmont takes the field and he’ll put on pads and hit for the first time.

“I think I’ll be ready for pads,” he said.  “I play a very physical position in basketball.  I know football is more physical, but I’m excited and feel I’ll be able to handle it.  I’m going to be very excited the first day we put on the pads and look forward towards working to trade athletics for a college education to pursue my career in computer technology.”

As for his interest in the Spartans.  Furlow only has to look at his head coach to learn more about earning an offer from MSU.  Belmont head coach Earl White has ties to the Spartans program as he’s the former head coach of current Spartan defensive back Vayante Copeland.

“I’m very interested in Michigan State,” he continued.  “To have a coach that coached someone that went to Michigan State, I feel that I have a lot of opportunity to build as a player and hopefully they find interest in me to go there.  I hope to go up there this fall for a game and learn more about them as I know my coaches have been talking with Coach Barnett.”


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