Tuesday morning found Mark Dantonio as a guest on FOX Sports Daybreak with Andy Furman and Mike North. What happen should not be a surprise.

It happened again Michigan State fans... A national radio show looked to have fun at the expense of Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio during a phone interview. Clearly enough is enough with some of the questions Dantonio has been asked over recent years.

Add FOX Sports Daybreak hosts Mike North and Andy Furman to the growing list of those who have asked silly questions, misspelled his name or called him by a different name.

Tuesday morning North and Furman hosted Dantonio by phone during their morning show and from the start you could tell this was going to be another instance of non-substance when North started out asking if Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh had gotten into the Spartans head coaches head.

The next question from Furman was about former Spartans quarterback Connor Cook not being a captain in 2015.  A question more suited for last season, Dantonio quickly pushed ahead not looking back at a season that has been over since the first day of 2016.

North followed with a tongue in cheek question wanting to know if Dantonio and Spartans men's basketball coach Tom Izzo have sat down to eat pasta together.

By now you could start to tell Dantonio was starting to feel a little annoyed but spoke about Izzo's basketball program having set the tone for the Spartans football program since he arrived on campus.

Furman followed up with the always asked "RESPECT" question and Dantonio saw fit to follow up with a slight jab at some of the senseless questions asked by members of the media.

North quickly responded acting like he took offense to the jab and before we knew Dantonio was off the phone.

When will things like this stop for Mark Dantonio?  Don't expect it to happen anytime soon as the media's love affair for Harbaugh is not going away unless the Wolverines fall flat on their face this season and next.


I'm sure Coach D knew he could be in for some shenanigans knowiong Andy Furman was involved.  Dantonio was in Cincinnati  prior to coming to Michigan State and Furman was the long time (18 years) host of Sports Talk on 700 WLW in Cincinnati.  Over the years Furman has built a reputation for shaking things up and getting ratings.  In fact, I'm not 100-percent sure but think Furman was part of Coach Dantonio's coaches show on 700 WLW while he was head coach at the University of Cincinnati.  

Furman, who was fired in 2006 from WLW following allegations Cincinnati Bengal's wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh had accused Furman of calling him a racist after Houshmandzadeh missed a scheduled appearance on one of his radio shows.  Is a New York native and knows how to stir the pot.  After his firing WLW stressed Furman was not released because of these allegations.

Living in Southwest Ohio, I know the kind of humor Furman uses and I'm sure he'll milk this for all he can.  We all know rival Big Ten fans will also be putting in their two-cents as well in the coming days and Furman will probably encourage it. 

While all of this is crazy, I'll also say Andy Furman is not a bad guy if you know him.  He just understands how to get ratings and stay employed in the radio business much like Mike North his co-host who has seen his own controversies over the years.


Here are some tweets from Furman's Twitter account.




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