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Spartan Digest contributor Hannah Hultink has her thoughts on the recent Associate Press all-time great programs.

Spartan Digest contributor Hannah Hultink has her opinion about the recent Associated Press ranking college football's all-time greatest programs.

Tuesday, August 2nd the Associated Press released a ranking of college football’s all-time greatest programs. Their formula was a combination of total poll appearances, number of times a team was ranked number one, and number of AP National Championships. Michigan State found its way into the top 25, taking the 19th spot with a total of 443 AP points.

The Michigan State Spartans were not the only Big Ten school who made it into this top 25 – Iowa snuck in taking the 25th spot followed by Wisconsin at 24, Penn State 14th, Michigan 7th, Nebraska 6th, and of course Ohio State who took the number one spot with 1,112 points.  

Michigan State has grown and proved themselves to be an elite program, and yet they find themselves down in spot 19.

Is this simply another form of disrespect directed towards the Michigan State football program?

19th is an okay spot, but is it the spot we deserve?

The ranking gives the illusion that Michigan State is a team barely worthy to be in the top 25; however, the Associated Press wanted to create a way to express how college football has changed over the past 80 years of AP rankings. The important thing to remember is this list in no way affects the rankings for the 2016 season. The ranking is superficial and will easily be forgotten; for a new ranking will come out.  Looking back on college football history can be fun – it gives us a look at how the sport has grown, allows us to relive the moments that remind us why we love this sport, and it can exhibit how far we’ve come. Michigan State has proved that they can be a Top 10 team, even a Top 5, so take the ranking of 19 as a reminder of how much we have grown as a program in the past 80 years.

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