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Head Coach Mark Dantonio's Interview with BTN Live

Highlights and key points from Mark Dantonio's interview this afternoon with BTN Live.

Tuesday, August 16 Head Coach Mark Dantonio sat down with the guys of BTN Live and talked freshman talent, team depth, and the quarterback battle. Here are some quotes and highlights from his interview: 

Team Conditioning  

“Some of the things we still need to do, we’ve installed all of our package offense and defense, special teams. And now we go back to situational things – look at the different situations we have to put our players in within those packages offensively and defensively. Play two minute situations, final play situations, and all these different situations that you enter into a football game. And I think it's about…you got to put eight plays together, ten plays together, and there’s risk involved in doing that, but you got to go live some because you got to prepare them for that aspect on the first game.”

Freshman Talent 

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“We got a great group of young freshman, true freshman, but also a really outstanding group of redshirt freshman. So, when you look at the football team right now…at wide receiver you’ve got Donnie Corley, I think there’s no question that he’s’ going to play for us. Trishton Jackson may get on the field, Cameron Chambers, and Justin Layne, all four of those guys have the ability on the field.”

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“Brian Lewarke is a red shirt freshman, he’s gotten a lot of reps.”

“ Thiyo Lukusa on Offensive line, and you know how difficult it is to play up there. But he’s got himself involved in the top 10 offensive linemen, he’s very talented.”

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On the defensive side of the ball, Kenney Lyke has been impressive out at safety.

Quarterback Battle 

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“Are two older players, Damian Terry, who didn’t go today, which you probably noticed, and Tyler O’Connor have the lead. In that because of their game management, and because of their overall basis of knowledge in our system. But the younger players, Brian Lewarke’s been here a year, and Messiah deWeaver, are both talented players. One’s a little farther along than the other one, but they’re talented and it’s just a matter of how can they grow in these next two weeks. We're going to play the guy who plays best. Right now O’Connors the guy going in, but two weeks a little bit of time and were not going to anoint somebody until we step out on the field. I think that’s a fair thing to do. I want all of our guys to compete.”


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