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Does having three running backs as possible starters give the Michigan State Spartans strength at the position or a weakness?

The first official depth-chart of the 2016 season was released and it was no surprise that three running backs are listed as possible starters. Spartan Digest has talked about talk this depth as being a positive. However, offensive coordinator Dave Warner is looking for something a little different.

It was no secret that L.J. ScottMadre London and Gerald Holmes all earned the label “or” next to their names as possible starters at running back for the Michigan State Spartans in first depth-chart for 2016.

Last season it was the true freshman Scott that led the Spartans in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns (699 / 11) with Holmes adding 540-yards and eight scores to London’s 500-yards and three scores.  Combined, the trio posted 1,739 yards and 22 touchdowns and would have been considered in the Top 10 of running backs in all of college football if they were only one person.

However, while each has their strength, neither of the three has shown up to this point to be a back capable of handling the job and deliver on all the things needed to be considered a complete back.

Spartans offensive coordinator Dave Warner knows this well and feels the Spartans also missed out on the number of big plays provided by Jeremy Langford during the 2014 season with the combination used last season.

Does having three running backs provide the Spartans offense with a strength? 

And what is Warner looking for?

He talked about what the Spartans are looking for in choosing a starter each week and the other things the Spartans need to have success in 2016.

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