Michigan State offensive coordinator Dave Warner knows the Spartans offense can perform better.

Depending upon how you want to look at the performance of the Michigan State offense in their season opener against Furman you can give it a few different names. Vanilla, sloppy, uninspired are a few that come to mind. For Spartans offensive coordinator Dave Warner, he knows the Spartans offense can play better and spoke about it following the Spartans 28-13 win.

It was not a work of art for the Michigan State Spartans offense on Friday night and offensive coordinator Dave Warner knew it.

Following the Spartans 28-13 win over Furman, Warner spoke with the media and stressed his disappointment with the number of penalties and mistakes made that slowed down the Spartans from posting more points on the board.

The video above has Warner's full post game press conference as he gives Furman credit along with stressing the offense is capable of playing much better.

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