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Michigan State sophomore running back L.J. Scott caught his rhythm early with 105 yards and 20 carries against Furman.

Last season Michigan State had three running backs rush for over 500-yards. While together they made for a solid rushing attack many wondered how the Spartans offense would run if one was given the chance to find a rhythm during a game. Friday night sophomore L.J. Scott looked to have caught his rhythm with his first 100-yard game of the season.

Sometimes having too much of a good thing can cause problems.  In football having two quality quarterbacks or in the case of the Michigan State Spartans three quality running backs means two players will be on the sidelines waiting their turn.

While L.J. Scott, Gerald Holmes and Madre London each posted over 110 carries a year ago.  Spartans offensive coordinator Dave Warner has talked about finding one back to carry the load with the two others fighting it out for the extra carries.

As Warner said following the Spartans 28-13 win over Furman it was Scott that stepped forward in camp earning him the bulk of the Spartans carries in the season opener.

Did getting 20 carries help Scott find a rhythm?

“For sure,” said Scott.  “That is being a part of staying in the game so we can catch our rhythm.  What we had going on last year with four running backs we were not able to catch our rhythm because we were on the sidelines for however long while we watched the other guy try and catch his rhythm.  Coach Warner was straight up with us and said he wanted it to be two backs and the No. 1 guy would get 20 carries or more.”

What made the difference in camp this season as compared to his freshman year?

“Speed, my lost weight and the fact I’m more focused and into the game mentally,” stressed Scott.  “Coming in as a freshman, I was just playing the game.  I was focused, but not as focused as I am now.  I’m sure it will get better as the game is slowing down for me and I’m taking control of the game.

“During camp I just tried to separate myself basically with the mental reps.  Everything I had on the field it would always be there.  Just by me knowing what I needed to do on every play and doing it at 100-percent, I’m sure that separated me.”

Last season Scott didn’t have a 100-yard rushing game until the sixth game of the season when he rushed for 146 yards on 18 carries against Purdue.  How does it feel to get a 100-yard outing in the first game of the season?

“It’s exciting,” he said.  “I just try to come through for the team and when I have the ball in my hands I just try to make something happen.”

Spartan fans hope Scott makes a lot of things happen the rest of the season.

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