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Michigan State junior offensive lineman Brian Allen saw the good and bad against Furman.

In their season opening win over Furman the Michigan State offensive line received their first real chance of playing as a unit with the lights on. For Brian Allen the end results were a starting point giving the group something to build upon as they take this week off before heading for a bigger test against Notre Dame.

Three new starters along with some other shifts along the Michigan State Spartans offensive line provide evidence the 2016 version of the Spartans big men up front have some work to do before Notre Dame.

Overall the performance of starters David Beedle, Miguel Machado, Brandon Clemons, Kodi Kieler and Brian Allen was solid.  Add in the play and Benny McGowan and the Spartans have shown they have six players capable of protecting Tyler O’Connor and opening up running lanes for Spartan backs.

However, for Allen the number of mistakes made by the offensive needs to be cleaned up.

“I thought we played tough,” said Allen.  “But offensively as a whole, just too many penalties even for the first game.  You can’t have ten penalties and expect to have a good feeling after the game.  We won and that’s awesome.  But at the same time a lot of stuff to clean up.

For Allen the changes made next to him with Beedle and Kieler left a good feeling.

“I felt pretty comfortable,” he said.  “I had a full spring next to David and I’ve played with Kodi a lot.  Guys have been around but to have a game with them is just nice and gives something to grade out now and see how we did playing between each other.”

Overall Allen is confident the offensive line will continue to gel and improve each week and saw the good and bad in their overall performance.

“I thought the offensive line played really well,” he continued.  “I felt like we were moving the line of scrimmage a lot and being pretty powerful and finishing our blocks.  Coming off to the sideline everyone for the most part seemed like there were doing their job.  A couple of not missed assignments, just not finishing on a couple of guys.”

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