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Members of the Spartan Digest Club give their predictions along with staff and Scout analyst Allen Trieu as the Spartans battle Wisconsin.

Several members of Spartan Digest along with staff of the site and Scout give their predictions on the outcome of Saturday’s match-up between the Spartans and the Wisconsin Badgers.

Each week we give members of Spartan Digest a chance to give their predictions on the outcome of that week’s Michigan State Spartans game. 

This week we also welcome the prediction of Scout national recruiting analyst Allen Trieu.

Brianmore: This is a big week for MSU to prove they are real. With many doubting if Notre Dame is a good team this year, MSU's OL once again dominates the game. Even though the running game is productive, Warner is forced to pass more than he likes. The impact is positive as the tight ends have a great game. On defense, Wisconsin tries to run. They are effective but they are not able to control the time of possession like they want to. As a result, the Spartans win 24-13.

Allen Trieu: Wisconsin's run defense has been stout, but they gave up a lot of passing yards to Georgia State and LSU did not have, at the time, the QB to make them respect the pass. I agree with Brian that MSU will have to pass more in this game.

Offensively, Wisconsin is a little bit harder to figure because Alex Hornibrook will be making his first start at QB. Their running back, as always, is good, but like MSU, I think they'll have to be able to go through the air to have a ton of success moving the ball. RS freshman QB, first start on the road against MSU's defense, I'll definitely take MSU in that one.  27-10 MSU.

Hannah Hultink: I think these are well matched teams - both solid and competitive. I expect an offensive mix of run and pass. Look out for Wisconsin native R.J Shelton to have a big game. Defensively, the Spartans will exploit young QB, Hornibrook, and expect some game play from Ed Davis. This should be a classic MSU-Wisconsin game, and MSU will win a close one 21-17.

SPARTYJIMMY: The Spartan defense comes to play on Saturday as they welcome Hornibrook in his first start in the B1G at QB via hurries, sacks, picks and getting to the RBs also at, behind, and just beyond the line of scrimmage. They'll hold the Wisconsin offense to under 300 total yards! On offense our weapons will again be diverse enough to keep the Wisky defense off balance just enough for our combined running game to rack up 200 to 300 rushing yards. O'Conner was just under 300 yds. passing last week and Wisconsin will try to make Tyler beat them via the air.

The Spartans protect their home turf................. 36 to 24...... M.S.U. wins!

Tgulock: This is a match-up of two of teams that pride them self in being physical and stopping the run. I expect for MSU to spread the field and show off some new wrinkles. I expect a close first half with Sparty forcing the freshman QB into some bad decisions in the second half to pull away. 24-7 Good guys.

GVSpartan: MSU 23 Wisc 10. MSU defense continues to gel together. Front 7 holds Wisconsin rushing under 100 yards and defensive backs hold passing game to 150 yards. 1 INT with 4 sacks on defense.

Offense moves ball well with 150 yards rushing led by Scott. Passing game puts up 225 yards to 8 different targets, TD'S for each Scott and Price, 3 FG as Wisc red zone defense holds on several drives.

AdCole: I think these teams are practically mirrors of each other. It takes at least a half for each of them to really get in their own groove. It will be 7-3 at halftime with MSU leading. Both teams will combine to rush for under 150 yards. This will leave the game to whomever passes the ball better and that will be MSU. MSU will pass for roughly 200 yards, but that's because Warner doesn't really attempt to open up the passing game. He will continue to try and run into a wall. Final score will be 20-10 MSU.

Dave Berk: Tyler O’Connor will continue to raise his stock as a starting quarterback as the Spartans look to move to 3-0 on the season.  Wisconsin native RJ Shelton will have a big game in what could be his final battle against his home state school.  The defense will continue to improve in the front four allowing the linebackers to have a big game and put pressure on the Badgers young quarterback Alex Hornibrook who will be pressured into making at least one mistake with an interception.  Spartans 28-17.

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