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Michigan State wide receiver R.J. Shelton stressed the Spartans loss to Wisconsin was on the players.

Disappointed in the fact Michigan State came out flat against his home state school. Senior wide receiver R.J. Shelton laid the blame for the Spartans 30-6 loss to Wisconsin at his and his teammates feet. Shelton knows the season goes fast and that Indiana will not be a cake walk either.

After the emotional high and excitement in their win over Notre Dame the previous week, the Michigan State Spartans came out flat against Wisconsin.  In the end it cost the Spartans a game many felt they should have won.

For senior wide receiver R.J. Shelton, the poor performance belongs solely on the shoulders of the players and is something he feels won’t happen again anytime soon.

 “I mean it’s on us,” said a somber Shelton.  “The players play and the coaches coach, and we have to get ourselves ready, meaning the players.  We came out flat and you know that won’t happen again.  You know you just go to, again like I said, just have to flush it, learn from it and move on to the next game.  We still have our goals in front of us, and we have the whole East side, and take care of that and we’ll still have our goal in front of us.”

Shelton has been in the Spartans program long enough to see these scenarios before and felt the team will not be phased by the hole created on Saturday.

“I just think it’s the norm,” he said.  “I mean you want to bounce back from any loss to get you back in control and control your destiny.  I think it’s just the norm that when you lose a game, you work hard and come back the next day and come out fast.”

One thing Shelton stresses is the team’s belief in their quarterback Tyler O’Connor.

“You know every quarterback has their ups and downs,” he said.  “We still believe in Tyler.  You know it’s nothing to be where he should be down on himself.  It’s a learning curve and everyone learns.  You got to tip your hat off to Wisconsin.  They played a tremendous game.”

Watch more of what Shelton said following the Spartans loss to the Badgers in the video below.

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