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The Spartan Digest staff and a few of our premium members give their predictions for Saturday's Michigan State - Indiana battle.

The Spartan Digest staff and members of the site give their predictions on how Saturday's game against Indiana will go in Bloomington.

Renosparty:  If we can't easily beat Indiana after they lost to Wake Forest or even if they beat them, then our program has taken a giant step back.  We lose to Wisky by 24 and scum is favored by 10 1/2.  Wow I wonder what the line on our game with them will be.

If we have to worry about possible loss to the also rans of the BIG, yikes.  The problem I see is that they can score, can we?  Should be 38-21, let’s see.

SPARTYJIMMY: This should be a high scoring game, with the ball flying around the entire evening for both teams. The difference will again be on the ground for the Spartans as Coach Dantonio will look to keep this high powered Indy offense off the field as much as possible. This means a lot of carries for the RBs. The aerial assault has to be a major group effort... starting with O'Conner and including all of the WRs & TEs. The playbook has to open up more and not be predictable to allow Indy's defense to get a lot of "3 & outs".   Michigan State – 45      Indiana – 28

HANNAH HULTINK: Indiana will not be an easy win for the Spartans considering how poor they performed last Saturday against Wisconsin. Tyler O'Connor needs to play better and prove that he's up to the task of being MSU's QB. He was late on passes and was throwing off his back foot. However, plan on the Spartans relying heavily on the run game, and from the looks of the first three games they'll most likely go with Scott. On the other side of the ball, expect Lagow to air the ball out and pick on our Defensive Backs -- the Michigan State defensive weak spot. Indiana runs a quick pace offense, won't lay off the pressure, and playing away under the lights has its own unique set of challenges. I think it will be a touch game for the Spartans, but they will come out with a win. 24-14 Michigan State.

GVSpartan: MSU controls clock majority of game with strong running game. Questions remain about TOC as starting QB, but does enough to win game by utilizing Price, Madaris and Corley. Defensive backs hold late in game, but are challenged with fast IU offense and play calling. Continue to see freshman stepping up in minutes and making plays. MSU 31 Indian 28

Dave Berk: After what happened last weekend has many wondering what type of team is this Spartan squad.  This is not going to be an easy game as it’s a night game on the road with a team that just a year ago played both Ohio State and Michigan down to the final minutes before falling.  The Spartans will look to win the battle at the line of scrimmage running the football with the occasional pass to keep the Hoosiers defense honest.  The defense must get pressure from the front four and the secondary must not give up the underneath passes that can make the Hoosiers dangerous.  Michigan State 27 – Indiana 24

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