Alex Reigelsperger talks about fighting through injury and when he'll get back on the Michigan State campus.

Ohio 2018 defensive end Alex Reigelsperger missed a chance to visit Michigan State the other weekend. When will Reigelsperger make it to campus? We get the latest from a prospect with ties to several college programs including the Spartans.

Huber Heights (Ohio) Wayne junior defensive end Alex Reigelsperger has been playing through an injury this season and looking to make a visit to Michigan State.

How tough is the 6-foot-4, 237-pound defensive end?

“I just got my cast off and its really gross right now,” said Reigelsperger.  “I broke my ring finger on the bone that connects the two joints together to ball it into a fist.  I broke it right down the middle and the doctors said it was a pretty weird football injury.”

After missing a planned visit to East Lansing a few weekends ago, Reigelsperger knows when he’ll get to campus and is looking forward to reconnecting with the Spartans.

“I’m going to Michigan State when they play Michigan in the Big Battle for Michigan,” he said.  “I’m super excited to talk with Coach (Harlon) Barnett and Coach (Mark) Dantonio along with all the other people up there.  And I’m super excited to see the game as I know it’s going to be a really good game.”

Reigelsperger has been to Spartan Stadium before and is also being reminded about what makes Michigan State special.

“I’ve been up there once before during the spring game to watch Messiah deWeaver,” he explained.  “Anytime you talk with Messiah, he’s always saying look at what we’re doing and he’s got some good stats behind it.  So me and Blue (L’Christian Smith) are both keeping it in mind.”

But before Reigelsperger thinks too much about the Spartans, he knows something has to happen.

“They’ve not offered yet,” he said.  “But it would mean a lot because a lot of good defensive linemen in the NFL are from Michigan State.  They are always a contender to be in the Top 10 and produce some great defensive linemen.”

One of those former Spartans also has ties to the Wayne program.

“Jerel Worthy comes down and lets me know every time where he went,” he said.  “It’s crazy because me and Blue were both just talking about all the guys that have come out of Wayne or how visits here.

“Recently right before one of our games, Urban Meyer was just sitting in there.  Then guys like Robert Landers (OSU), Tyree Kinnel (Michigan), Braxton Miller, Jerel and Messiah all come in like they’re not at a huge college or not in the NFL.

“It’s crazy to go in and talk with Coach (Jay) Minton and Braxton and Jerel are just sitting there acting like they’re not in the NFL.  I don’t care who says they don’t get into a minute like that because if they do, their lying.

“Braxton and Robert makes sure that Blue knows where he went and Robert and Tyree make sure to remind me where they went.”

A future Spartan and friend has also made Reigelsperger to rethink when he’ll end his recruitment.

“A lot of my thinking and talking with my family on figuring out when I’m going to make my commitment came down to what happened with Darien (Tipps-Clemons),” he said.  “He committed to Michigan State and then messed up his knee.  So that’s my biggest thing as I want to go into my senior year or make it early in my senior year.  That was if something happens like that, I’ve already got a place I’m going.  Because I feel terrible for what Darien is going through.”

We’ll continue to follow what is happening with Reigelsperger and the interest between him and the Spartans in the coming weeks.

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