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Mark Dantonio addressed Michigan State's play calling against BYU and the future of quarterback Tyler O'Connor.

Spartan Nation is left following Michigan State’s 31-14 loss to BYU asking questions about the Spartans play calling and future of quarterback Tyler O’Connor. Mark Dantonio addressed both questions Saturday afternoon.

With an offense that produced a total of 206 yards have many wondering about the structure of Michigan State's play calling and future of fifth-year senior quarterback Tyler O’Connor.

The Spartans ran a total of 53 offensive plays against BYU on Saturday and recorded only 13 first downs in the process.  Success over the course of Mark Dantonio’s tenure at the helm of the Spartans has come when they run the ball and set up the pass.  But going against one of the worst pass defenses in college football didn’t see the Spartans make adjustments passing the ball only 21 times while running the ball 32 times.

With BYU doing a great job of stopping the run holding the Spartans to an average of 2.7 yards per carry and 85 net yards rushing.  Why did the Spartans offensive coaching staff not make adjustments with O’Connor connecting on over 60-percent of his throws and a first drive that saw him hit on six out of eight throws?

Is Tyler O’Connor still the Spartans quarterback? 

After five games, O'Connor is hitting on just over 60-percent of his throws for 976-yards and eight touchdowns with five interceptions.  The biggest knock against O'Connor seems to come from him standing in the pocket and taking sacks as he's been put down eight times in the Spartans three losses.

Those questions and more are answered in the following video.

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