Spartan Nation is proud to announce that Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr., and the entire team have joined the family!

Spartan Nation Published Hondo Carpenter talks about why Spartan Nation joined forces with the Network.

 Spartan Nation is proud to announce that Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr., and the entire team have joined the family!

“Working with enhances in so many areas and allows us to bring our members the most in-depth coverage of Michigan State sports,” Carpenter said. “Nationally respected, is the industry leader and has the best national-level analysts and reporters covering recruiting. It also has the right kind of culture and long term vision because it’s run by people that think like we do.”

Joining the network is the next step in the ongoing effort to bring Spartan fans the best coverage of MSU athletics possible. Carpenter founded Spartan Nation well over a decade ago!

Listeners, readers, and viewers of the Spartan Nation family of services are well aware of many of the scout team as I have had them part of what we do for a long time.

Carpenter said, “This move wouldn’t have happened without the man I have affectionately titled on Spartan Nation ‘The number one Big Ten Basketball recruiting insider Jeff Rabjohns from’ Jeff’s friendship transcends our role as media colleagues and he is a great friend. His boss Mike Pegram is one of the Scout network’s premier publishers and a great person. Thank you Mike for your help.”

Carpenter continued, “That was a continual trend with the folks from Scout. At every step of the exhaustive investigative process before making the decision to join, there wasn’t one person I met that didn’t impress me as a person, after which they all impressed me with what they did for their job. Just like my friends from”

“Scout is going to help Spartan Nation continue to evolve and compete in the ever-changing online world. It starts with the best in the business national basketball recruiting analyst team of Evan Daniels, Brian Snow and Josh Gershon. They are totally unmatched by the competition. Just as exciting, we also feel that we’re going to get a great boost to our football recruiting coverage. Scout’s commitment there is impressive, especially in the Midwest, led by analyst Allen Trieu.”

Snow said, “I am thrilled to have Hondo and Spartan Nation come on board at As a national basketball analyst based out of Indianapolis, having a site dedicated to such a passionate and intelligent fan base joining the Scout network is a tremendous thing. Obviously, Spartan Nation frequenters are used to tremendous coverage of the team by Hondo, and now at Scout we plan to complement that with the best recruiting coverage in the business. Myself, Evan Daniels, and Josh Gershon make up the largest and most experienced team on the internet, and we plan to show the full power of the Scout network and the added insight and information we can bring to Spartan Nation.” executive vice president of Network Development, Joel Cox, is thrilled to have on-board.

“The opportunity to have Hondo bring his indefatigable work ethic and inalienable MSU community to Scout is a huge win,” said the EVP of Network Development at Scout. “I’ve been in this business for a decade and a half, and over that time, nearly every independent site has joined a network at one point or another.  Hondo has resisted making that move until now. He’s religiously committed to his users, and thus, when he finally makes a decision to join a network, you can bet it was because he felt like it would be of a benefit to his followers.  We are going to do our part to ensure those Spartan fans get a great product.  I’m overjoyed at this development.”

As a site committed to both basketball and football coverage, will see an increase in recruiting analyst interaction on the premium message board. Snow and Daniels will serve as the primary hoops recruiting experts along with Gershon’s involvement with recruits on the West Coast.

Scout’s football recruiting team is very strong in the Midwest and will be led by Midwest Recruiting Manager Allen Trieu. Trieu also will frequent the premium message board answering questions for Spartan fans and interacting in discussions about recruits.

Trieu said of Spartan Nation joining Scout, “I am very excited to have Spartan Nation and Hondo coming to Scout. His coverage over the years has been outstanding and he is well connected as well as a tireless worker. Michigan State’s fan base is very passionate, and we have some of those folks on our message board and I have no doubt Hondo will satisfy their need for up-to-date, accurate information on MSU athletics.”

Hondo Carpenter and the team will serve as the Scout Michigan State publisher effective Monday.

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