Spartan Nation goes in-depth with future Michigan State Spartan running back Weston Bridges.

Spartan Nation spoke with future Michigan State running back Weston Bridges in this exclusive in-depth interview about his recruiting journey, big night this past Friday and more. This is part one of a two-part interview.


The path a prospect takes during the recruiting process will vary for each.  Spartan Nation learned more about future Michigan State Spartans running back Weston Bridges during our one-on-one interview that lasted over twenty minutes and touched on several topics.

Last Friday night was another big night for Copley, Ohio running back Weston Bridges as he became his schools second leading rusher when he went over 3,000 career rushing yards.  Bridges was excited about his accomplishment but also knows his work is only beginning.

“I passed over the 3,000 yards rushing mark on Friday night,” said Bridges.  “I’ve only been the main running back since my junior year and I missed half of my sophomore season.  Right now, I have the second most rushing yards in school history with a possibility of being the top guy.  But I’ll have to really work for it as I’m about 1,200 yards away.”

Having missed playing time during his sophomore season showed the 6-foot-1, 200-pound Bridges there will be good and bad times in life and in football.

“Life has been a blessing,” he stressed.  “Life is a rollercoaster as it has its up and downs.  But overall, life is very good and a blessing.  Being committed to Michigan State has been like one of the best things ever in my life.”

Much like himself, Bridges is watching this year’s Spartans ride the rollercoaster.  But he has faith there will soon be more highs than lows.

“Right now it’s about them facing adversity,” he said.  “They have injuries, but that is no excuse.  I think they just need to go back to the drawing board and start from step one, continue to stay humble and be some dawgs.

“As a commit, I look at it as I want them to win.  But at the end of the day, the team is very young.  I think by the time I get there we’re going to be tough and the team is going to be tough.  They are very young this year but they have some young talent, they have some playmakers.

“They are going to be good in the future.  It’s just one of those seasons and not every season is going to be perfect.  But as a commit, I’m 100-percent committed and solid with MSU.  I love MSU and will always have faith in them.  So I believe they will bounce back and win some huge games this year and surprise everybody.”

One thing Bridges has yet to do is get back on campus since the season started.  When could Spartan fans see him back in East Lansing?

“The last time I had a chance to get on campus was in the summer,” he said.  “I’m looking to head there for the Ohio State or the Michigan game, or maybe head there this week for the Northwestern game.”

Since making his pledge to Mark Dantonio in April of this year, Bridges has had time to reflect on his recruiting experiences.  What does he think he’ll remember about things in ten years or more?

“I think what I’ll remember the most are the Twitter fans,” he said.  “Twitter fans are hilarious.  Also, the people around me and how much they supported me.  It was a fun process and I did have some stress moments because it was a tough decision.  But it was a fun process.”

One thing Bridges wanted to avoid most was taking away focus from his current team by dragging out the process.  While he didn’t look to rush it, he also knew he didn’t need a lot of attention some recruits crave.

“It literally depends on the person,” he said.  “I feel some athletes in the nation really enjoy it, love the attention and love the fame.  But I’m not one of those guys.  I’m not going to say I rushed it, but I liked getting it over with because it can be a distraction and can take away from other important things that you should be focused on.

“So with me, I wanted to take it step by step and didn’t want to rush it.  However, at the same time, I wanted to get it over with so I could focus more on school, focus more on my team and focus on being a team leader.  So when I went to MSU, we’d been talking for a long time and the first time I visited, it felt like home.  On my second visit, I felt like it was my home.

“MSU has always been my dream school growing up.  So I said why wait forever just to commit.  I didn’t want to wait until February on National Signing Day to commit.  I didn’t want to wait till the season to commit.  I wanted to commit before the season that way I could get everything out of the way so I could focus.”

How did Michigan State become the dream school of an Ohio kid?

“Growing up, Le’Veon Bell,” he stressed.  “Le’Veon Bell is currently my favorite running back and will probably always be my favorite running back until he retires.  He got my attention as I wanted to be like Le’Veon Bell growing up.

“There was also just something about MSU.  They are such an underrated team and for them to be so underrated, they’ve been so good the past few years.  They’ve had so much success and that made me want to commit there. 

“For a program to have that much success the staff is so humble.  There was nothing but respect for that program and I just fell in love with them and growing up, I was just always in love with the Green and White.”

Spartan Nation will have more with Weston Bridges in Part Two of our in-depth conversation with the future Spartans running back.



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