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Answering Your Michigan State Spartan Basketball Questions and Emails!

In his weekly column, Spartan Nation publisher Hondo Carpenter answers your Michigan State basketball questions and emails!

Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...


Hondo I love having you on Scout.com now.  I already like the improved basketball coverage.  I know media day is this week and Izzo will talk, but if you had to guess right now who would you think are the starters once we play real teams?  Carl G. Bay City

Great question and thanks for the excitement about us joining Scout.com.  I think you will fall in love with all of our hoops coverage as it simply expands and gets better.  Here is what I think the starting lineup will be: Tum Tum Nairn, Eron Harris, Gavin Schilling, Miles Bridges and Josh Langford.


Hondo it is a big loss of Ben Carter the graduate transfer.  Can he get a medical sixth year in your opinion?  Shelly Tien

First we need to find out if this year is out of the question as far as his return.  If playing this year gets ruled out, yes he would be eligible to apply for a sixth year medical.


Hondo with Jackson and Tillman already pledged for 2017 do you have any clue how many scholarships we have for that class and how many your predict we could take?  Congrats on the move to Scout.  Blaine T.

Hi Blaine and thank you.  If no one leaves early to the NBA, transfer or leaves they have five.  You add to that number based on how many would go early.  I would expect they would take four as to maintain class balance.  Saying that, if you can add a fifth top tier player, of course Izzo would pull the trigger.


Hondo we only have one commit in basketball for 2018 in Thomas Kithier.  Just wondering what you think of him and who is game reminds you of.  Thanks.  Glenn

I really like him.  He is reliable; he is an old school Izzo player.  He will play defense, he can make critical free throws and he does all of the little things that you don’t always see on the stat sheet, but you have to get to win.  I am excited to see him play in the Izzo system.


Hondo I know that it may not happen until the spring, but if you had to guess where Michigan State is right now with Brian Bowen for the 2017 class what do you think? Dan D.  Midland, MI

Hi Dan.  There is a long way to go, but if I had to make a guess today I say Michigan State.  I think someone will have to beat them.  He has been on my radio show and I've spent time with him.   He is a super kid and I know he really likes MSU.  Still a long way to go, but MSU is clearly the leader based on what I know.


Hondo thanks for live streaming the Xavier Tillman announcement.  I am really suspicious of guys that do the big signing press conference with all the hats.  Is he a Prima Donna?  Chip Morrison

I don’t like Prima Donna’s either and he isn’t.  He really loved Izzo’s intensity and the fact that Izzo didn’t bloviate about how great he was.  Tillman told me, “I really liked that they (MSU Coaches) saw the holes in my game and talked about how I can fix them with hard work.” He and his family impressed me.


Hondo with all the hype for this freshman class, what returner needs to really step up for this to be an Izzo type success season?  Wendy Pylar

Hi Wendy.  No question Gavin Schilling and Eron Harris.  Both are fun young men and good young men.  They have to make a move now on the court for consistency and I think they will.


Please remember everyone that tomorrow is Big Ten Basketball media day for the 2016-2017 season in Washington D.C.  I will be there, so if you have a question for Izzo or one of the players please post it in our message boards (I will start with premium members to make sure they get done first) and move to the non-premium if time allows.  Also don’t forget Michigan State Madness on Friday night!


There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to SpartanNationMail@yahoo.com and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.


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