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Senior tight end Josiah Price knows there is no magic formula for Michigan State to change their fortunes.

Michigan State senior tight end Josiah Price has enjoyed all the highs of his Spartans career. Now, with the Spartans hitting the lowest ever for a Mark Dantonio coached team, Price knows there is no magic formula to change things.

With redshirt freshman quarterback Brian Lewerke getting his first career start as a Michigan State Spartan, senior tight end Josiah Price did what he’s done with other Spartan signal callers during his career.  Catch a touchdown.

In the first quarter of the Spartans 54-40 loss to Northwestern, Price pulled down a 15-yard pass from the young signal caller giving Price his 19-th career touchdown reception and Lewerek his first career touchdown pass.

Lewerek was excited about the touchdown following the game to one of the Spartans he’s become close to since arriving on campus.

“It was pretty cool,” Lewerek said about his first career touchdown.  “I hit Josiah (Price), who has the most touchdowns for a tight end ever, so that was pretty cool.  We are pretty close, so it was good to have it go to him.”

However, Price also knows dropping four consecutive games this season has many looking for answers to what has happened to a program only a season removed from being in the College Football Playoffs.

The mood right now in the locker room has changed since Price and the Spartans starting having their success in 2013 and what they enjoyed last season.

“It is tough,” said Price.  “How do you think it is after four losses? It definitely is not what it was in 2013 and definitely not what it was in 2015. But, we have guys that are giving it their all. I think there is a lot of effort out there. Guys are working hard. Things aren't going our way or bouncing our way, guys aren't making plays and we need to come in and make plays. Things happen that are breaking our back, so it is tough. We are trying to keep our locker room positive. We are trying to keep guys working and on task, but it is tough when you lose four games in a row. A lot of guys on our team that has never happened to. They were state champs in high school and have won a lot, so it is tough. We just have to try and grow as a unit and overcome it and get tougher because of this hardship.”

While Price would go on to post four catches for 52-yards to go with his touchdown, he’s looking more at what he can do to help the Spartans turn things around before it’s too late as compared to thinking about records being set.

“Be the best leader I can be and be as positive as I can and try and keep these guys going,” he said.  “I can try and help us come closer together and grow because of these hard, tough times, not split apart and point fingers and blame. We have to come together as an offense. We did a lot of good things today. We put up a lot of points, a lot of yards. We didn't run the ball well, so we need to do better in that area. It is a lot of different things. If there were a magic formula, I would do that. We just have to stay to the grind and work our tails off.”

What does Price think he can do to help the Spartans get back to winning games?

“I think you have to win games,” he said.  “I think we have to start winning. It is tough to be all happy and positive and go-lucky when you are coming in the locker room and you lose. That is what is going to turn this locker room and really get us going in the right direction again. But, like I said, we just have to come together as a unit and get better because of these tough times, not split apart, because that is something you have to watch out for when you lose a couple of games.”

For more comments from Price make sure to watch the following video.


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