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Michigan State captain Riley Bullough knows the Spartans will stand together despite the mounting losses.

Saturday marked the return of senior linebacker and captain Riley Bullough to the field for the Michigan State Spartans. Bullough knows things are tough but will make sure this Spartan team will stay together as one.

Despite being back on the field and posting a season-high 12 tackles, Riley Bullough and the Michigan State Spartans came up short again dropping their fourth consecutive game to Northwestern 54-40.

For Bullough, losing four straight games means only one thing can happen the rest of the season.

“Obviously it's tough, none of us really in college or high school, have ever lost four games straight, so it's tough,” said Bullough.  “It's unchartered territory for us, but we're here and all we can do is work as hard as we can to try to get a win. So from here on out, week to week, work as hard as we can.”

While finger pointing by fans and the media at the Spartans issues are rampant, Bullough feels the Spartans are doing the things needed to win despite what the record shows.

“It's tough because we feel like we're playing hard, that's the tough part,” he said.  “It's the little things, we'll get in there and watch film like we always do. But at some point we just have to make plays, and we're not making enough right now. That's really what it comes down to.

Despite missing a few games this season, Bullough didn’t noticed any difference in his team while he was out.

“It's hard to say right now,” he said.  “But, like I said we have guys that are playing hard that's not the problem, it's just things here and there that we have to clean up. Penalties, not filling gaps good enough, or whatever it is we have to do better.”

To hear more from the Spartans captain, watch the following video as Bullough spoke with the media following the Spartans loss to Northwestern.

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