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A two touchdown, 190-yard receiving performance was lost in a 55-40 loss to Northwestern for Michigan State receiver R.J. Shelton.

It was a career day for Michigan State senior wide receiver R.J. Shelton with 190 receiving yards on seven catches. However, Shelton would trade all those stats for a win having not seen a four game losing streak since his high school days.

With two long touchdowns receptions in the third quarter, R.J. Shelton was a key reason the Michigan State Spartans looked like they were about to fight back and earn a victory over Northwestern.

However, after each big play the Spartans allowed the Wildcats to counter ending with a 55-40 loss in a game that saw Shelton pass former Spartan receiver Blair White’s performance against the Wildcats in 2009 with his 190 yards receiving on seven catches and two scores.

Shelton’s role showed the Spartans are capable of going vertical when needed but he’ll continue to give his all no matter what the call may be.

“Whatever the play call is, whatever Coach Warner calls, we just go out there and make the play,” said Shelton. “Whether it's going deep, whether it's a short 10 yard out, whether it’s a run play, we just want to score as many points as we can and win. We want to give our defense a break when it is needed, and we want to put ourselves in good situations.”

While many wonder if receivers have a preference when it comes to who is throwing the ball to them, Shelton stressed no matter the quarterback, he’s got a job to do.

“I trust any quarterback that comes in there, whether it's (Brian) Lewerke, whether it's Tyler (O’Connor), whether it's Damion (Terry), whether it's (Messiah) deWeaver if he gets the chance to play,” he stressed. “I trust anyone that goes out there and throws the ball and takes control of the huddle and the team.”

Shelton knows the grind as a college student athlete is harder when your team is struggling but has learned nothing can replace hard work.

You have the passion enough to do anything for that, you come to work every day,” he said.  “The preparation before the game. Everyone on this team loves the game of football, so you just come to work every day.”

To hear more of what R.J. Shelton had to say following the Spartans loss watch the following video.

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