We finish our conversation with future Michigan State running back Weston Bridges.

Spartan Nation continues our in-depth conversation with Michigan State running back pledge Weston Bridges. This is Part Two of our conversation with the Copley, Ohio native.


Spartan Nation enjoyed a great conversation with future Michigan State Spartan running back Weston Bridges covering many subjects. 

One area we touched on was the relationships Bridges has been building with the Spartans coaching staff. Bridges went into detail about the three coaches that have played a role in his recruitment.

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“My main coach was Coach (Mark) Snyder, said Bridges.  “I’ve built a great relationship with him and it’s funny, because him being the linebackers coach, he would talk with me all the time about how his guys were going to be ready for me in practice. 

“But with him it was more than just football.  He’d check up on me at random times asking how I was doing in school and how my life was going.  That’s what really got me early as it was more than just football.  It’s like that with the whole staff as they actually care about you.  They want you to graduate. They want you to get your degree.  If you don’t go to the league, they want you to get your degree and that is what it’s all about.”


“Coach (Mark) Dantonio is down to earth,” he continued.  “He’s very down to earth and very straight up.  He will tell you how it is.  Before I even visited MSU, he told me a lot of things.  When I visited MSU, I witnessed those things.  He didn’t feed me anything that would lead me on.  Everything he told me was real. 

“The first thing he asked me was what I wanted to be when I grow up and if football didn’t work out, what I was going to do.  Coming from one of the top coaches in the nation that means a lot.  It’s more than just football with him, it’s a relationship. 

“I know if I got hurt, he’d still be there for me.  He’s cool, he’s funny and has a humor side.  But overall he’s down to earth and will keep it straight up with you and definitely cares for you as a person.”


“I have a great relationship with Coach (Dave) Warner,” he said.  “He is the type that will text you and tell you what you need to work on.  He came to one of my games and afterwards told me what I need to do to improve on. 

“He also has a good side and a humor side to him.  He also cares about you more than just a football player and every time we talk, it’s not just about football as we talk about life and how I’m doing in school.  Overall, our relationship is very good and he’s one of those coaches that will keep it real with you also.”


As for future teammates, Brides is already building strong bonds while also keeping a few in place when they connect on line to battle it out with their favorite video game.

“I get along with all of them.  Every single one of them,” he said.  “We literally talk all the time with our group message.  But I mainly talk with Hunter (Rison), Rocky (Lombardi) and Darien (Tipps-Clemons). 

“Only because me, Hunter and Darien will literally play Madden every now and then and neither of them can beat me in Madden.  It’s funny because we all have a good time.  And with Rocky, we Facetime because we’re going to be in the backfield in the future. 

“So we check up on each other.  Then with Matt Carrick, he’s about twenty minutes away from me.  So we talk a lot also.  All us commits have a good relationship and we all get along.  We’re trying to get other recruits to come with us because I believe we have a very underrated but good class.  Our class is very good.  We’re special.

And if Spartan Nation was to ask Rison and Tipps-Clemons about his dominance what would they say?

“That is all I have to say. I don’t have to talk because they already know the answer.  And Cody White is just lucky he’s got a PS4 because he would be next to take an “L”.”


Growing up in Ohio State territory Bridges is often teased about not becoming a Buckeye.  However, he knows he made the right decision for him.

“All the time I’m asked why not Ohio State,” he said.  “Then recently with MSU losing to these teams, I’ll have people texting my phone asking me about my boys.   So I get that a lot but take it jokingly because I know where I stand with MSU and nobody is going to change my mind at all.  I just can’t wait to get out there.”


For Bridges the thought of taking the field in a college game has always been the dream.  What does he think it will be like when he first takes the turf at Spartan Stadium?

“It’s going to mean everything,” he said.  “Growing up, I never really thought I would see the day or that Michigan State would even talk with me.  But dreams really do come true and I would tell anybody to chase their dreams because they really do come true.  So when I step on the field at Spartan Stadium, it’s going to be the best feeling ever, it’s going to be a blessing.  I know it’s going to be like “WOW”.  God has really blessed me going against the best competition in the Big Ten.  It doesn’t get any better than that.”


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