Dearborn (Mich.) senior defender Issa Khalil is looking to join teammate Mustafa Khaleefah at Michigan State next fall.

The countdown to National Signing Day has started and while many prospects in the 2017 recruiting class have already made their college decisions known. Others are looking for a chance to prove those who have doubted them wrong. One such prospect is Dearborn (Mich.) product Issa Khalil. Spartan Nation caught up with Khalil following his weekend visit to Michigan State.

Issa Khalil knows not everyone can be a scholarship Division One football recruit.  However, he knows many have taken the path as a college football walk-on and found success.  Khalil is hoping Michigan State gives him a chance to proven the naysayers wrong.

“I’ve had a chip on my shoulder my whole life,” said Khalil.  “People have doubted me because of my size.  But I’m looking to prove them wrong.”

This past weekend Khalil made his first visit with the Spartans and came away impressed.

“Recently, Michigan State looked at my highlight film and took an interest in the way I was playing,” he explained.  “They wanted me to come for a visit to meet all their coaches and said they might offer me a preferred walk-on spot.

“This was my first actual visit to Michigan State and I got a chance to see the game.  After the game, I got a chance to go into the locker room and the atmosphere was something I’ve never seen before.

“Being the first time I’d ever gone there, they treated me like part of their family.  I’ve never experience that anywhere else and I’ve been on other college visits.  But I’ve never experienced the way they talked and treated me.  They were very nice and it was eye opening to me.  I really enjoyed it.”

Khalil has a few options already extended to him but is looking to fulfill his dream.

“Right now, I have two Division Two offers,” he said.  “I’m set up to get a few more offers from some small schools.  But I’ve always wanted to play Division One football and I know I can.  I know it’s going to be a hard path to take, but if I get the chance to go play there, that is where I’ll probably go.”

Khalil knows he has teammate and Spartans pledge Mustafa Khaleefah to thank for the Spartans late interest.  He also knows having Khaleefah on the journey would be a great help.

“It would help a lot having Mustafa there with me,” he said.  “He introduced them to me.  He told them about me and even when my coaches would go up there, they would tell them about me.  So they finally got a look at my tape and that helped a lot.  I really appreciate what Mustafa and my coaches have done for me.”

As for where things stand now with the Spartans.  Khalil is still waiting to hear more about their interest.

“They have not talked about when they would let me know,” he said.  “But I’m planning to go back up there again and hope to find out.”


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