Tom Izzo is going BIG in the 2018 class and has extended an offer to SF Hameir Wright from Albany, NY. Spartan Nation spoke to him!

Tom Izzo is going BIG in the 2018 class and has extended an offer to SF Hameir Wright from Albany, NY. Spartan Nation spoke to him!

Izzo Extends an Offer to 2018 SF Hameir Wright

Breslin Center

East Lansing, MI

Tom Izzo is going big, real big in 2018.  Izzo already has offers out for the 2018 class to (SF) Joey Hauser, (C) Trevion Williams and (SF) Brandon Johns who are big time big men.  He just extended another.

Spartan Nation learned last month, and via our Scout system was the first to report that Tom Izzo, the Michigan State Hall of Fame head coach had extended an offer to 2018 SF Hameir Wright from Albany, NY.  Izzo is well known for his lengthy evaluation of players before giving up one of his prized scholarship offers.  He offered one to Wright after seeing him play just once.

Delayed from speaking to Wright because of an illness in the family, Spartan Nation caught up with the humble young man last night. He said of an MSU offer that, “I have major interest in Michigan State.  Michigan State has the track record and Coach Izzo knows how to build and produce NBA players and that is my goal.”

Wright’s father Jacob McCargo told Spartan Nation, “I am a Tom Izzo fan for sure.  I have seen that man get teams to Final Four’s and Elite Eight’s that shouldn’t have been in the tournament.  They had no business, but they had one thing in common:  Izzo!  Some coaches you like them or their demeanor and I like Tom Izzo.  I have no issues with him.”

While most young players enjoy the limelight, Wright avoids it.  He isn’t out there promoting himself or looking for coverage.  He isn’t intimidated by it, he just doesn’t crave it like so many other high level recruits and that is refreshing.  That doesn’t mean that the attention hasn’t found him.  Talent will be found and he has it.

Being from Albany, New York the youngster has the attention and the offers from East Coast powers Villanova, Syracuse and Maryland who is now from the Big Ten.  So now Michigan State and their newly minted Hall of Fame head coach come in to the picture and Wright is perfectly fine with that.

He has a friend from his high school that is a student already at Michigan State and according to Wright they told him, “You have got to come see it here.  It is beautiful and amazing.”  Wright went on to add about MSU that, “What I see on TV I love from Michigan State.  I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes.”

While most young players are quick to point out what they do best, Wright’s comments about his game were stunning.  They started out like any young player, but as usual with him, ended at a deep place that shows you the basketball IQ that has some of the nation’s top coaches and Universities coveting his talents.

“I think I am a good crunch time player.  I want to be that.  I am a fourth quarter guy who can stand up and make big shots.  But to be a great player and not just a good player you have to do that in all four quarters.  I have to get there.”  Like I said earlier, that is impressive for a young man.

Wright was originally was a 2017 class player, but has reset (requalified) for the 2018 class as he heads to prep school at the Albany Academy.  He has not set a time for an MSU visit in fact telling me, “I have nothing planned soon, but sometime I definitely will get up there.”

As far as a time frame for his decision again Wright took the contemplative approach saying, “I would like to make it next year.  Before the season, but I will make it when I feel it is right.”  Those are wise words from a youngster who has help.  Help from two fine parents that made the decision a long time ago to raise a fine son, and not a fine basketball player.

Wright’s mother Maralyn told Spartan Nation of her son, “I couldn’t be prouder.   Hameir has always had good decision making skills.  If he has all the facts I am confident he will make the right decision. I think it plays over on to the basketball court when he is playing.  He is a deep thinker.”

There is an adage in life that if Momma isn’t happy, no one is happy.  So does she have a problem if her son picks East Lansing and will she have a big influence on his choice?  “No absolutely not.  I want him to go wherever he is comfortable with.  He wants to go where he can gel and build relationships with people. .  This is his decision.  He just loves to play ball that is why the politics of the recruiting process don’t matter to him.  Everything else is second.  This is his decision and I want him to make the choice and be happy.”

McCargo standing by his side in this process added about his influence that, “I played ball, but I didn’t have what he has.  I didn’t have a father to help me traverse a lot of things that I should have.  I have seen it hands on up close and I have put that in him since his first AAU league game.”

Wright’s humble nature and extraordinary talent are a refreshing mix.  While the recruiting process can be long and drawn out, you can be assured that this is one young man and family that will keep it drama free.  That itself makes it refreshing.  Spartan Nation will keep you updated on Wright’s recruitment as it progresses.

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