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Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails!

Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails!

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…


Hey, Hondo, is any player on the football team stepping forward as a leader?  Has the winter program started?  Rick Emerson

Rick, the team returns on Monday.  That is when leaders will really emerge, but one name I am consistently hearing from players as someone most really expect to become a major leader is Chris Frey, Jr.  We shall see.


Hondo, I was reading another media member who said the loss of Montae Nicholson was devastating as this was his defense next year.  Is that accurate?  Ben Philips

It hurts, but far from devastating.  Great young man, super in the locker room and in the classroom.  No one wanted to see him go.  That said, this is Jon Reschke’s and Chris Frey, Jr’s defense next year.  No one on the team questions that.  In fact, I checked with a couple folks because of your question and both made it clear that it is Reschke and Frey’s defense next season.


Hondo, I know that a lot can happen with winter conditioning and spring and summer camp, but do you know what they are at least looking at for a starting lineup on the OL next season?  Tyler Strong.

LT Cole Chewins, LG Tyler Higby, C Brian Allen, RG Matt Allen, and RT Thiyo Lukusa are what people are thinking, but don’t be shocked if that changes.  There is a lot of time for movement and this will be the most competitive off season since year one of the Dantonio era.


Hondo, you eluded to a “Brutal” off season for MSU football.  Do you think that they had gotten easier or are they just taking them to a harder new level?  Curt Brown

Because I don’t get to see the intimate details of off season conditioning I have to rely on people in the program.  Since MSU won the Rose Bowl I have heard that they had gotten somewhat easier, but last off season I heard it a lot of from older players.  This year will go to a new level of difficulty, not just from the last three seasons.


Hondo, you talked about the off season being extra tough.  Is there an element of maybe weeding some people out? Becky Johns

Yes, I think that MSU football is going to take a new (old) approach and if people can’t cut it or want to leave, they are fine with that.


Hondo, I was surprised when you discussed Brandon Randle may still be a year away.  He was such a physical specimen in high school, are you surprised?  Matt S.

I am not sure surprised would be the word.  When a freshman arrives I have literally no expectations for year one.  Very few can make the move from high school and make a major impact.  Sure a few can play, but really have an impact is rare.  I am surprised that he seems to be at least a year away at this point, but he has a big off season and spring/summer to change that.


Hondo, I know that the Spartans have a big official weekend of visits coming on January 13.  Do you expect a commit?  Seems like we are really struggling.  Aaron Gorman

Although we don’t know all that are coming yet as some have not set their schedule, yes I do think MSU will get at least one commit on that weekend.  I would add about your struggling comment that I disagree.  Let me explain in detail.

I think MSU was struggling after they won the Rose Bowl.  I think they moved away from some of the things that made them successful.  Earlier this season they did a reset.  Not one player who committed prior to the season or the one after have backed away.  They would take as many as 25 young men in this class, but they aren’t in panic mode.  With as many as eight spots left and a reset on recruiting 2018 is already looking really bright.  I am not selling Kool Aid, but I am telling the truth.  They backed off some guys that they had offered early that picked other schools and some have called it “Losing” on a kid.  Not sure how it is losing when they back off a young man and make it clear they have pulled an offer or don’t want them.  I understand fans consternation with the process.  Fans for the last three years have got a lot of hype about a certain type athlete.  They are seeing MSU move away a little bit from that and because they were sold for three classes that was what MSU had to have, they panic.  That is natural, but I am very excited about the direction.


Hondo, I heard you many times on the radio talk about Kevin Wilson the former IU coach being an offensive brilliance.  I even hear you interview him on your show and if I remember correctly you interviewed Bob Stoops on your show about Wilson.  What do you think of him being the new OC at OSU?  Would you have wanted him at MSU?  Thanks for all you do.  Chris S.

I have said that many times and did interview him and Coach Stoops.  I think if Urban lets him run the offense like he did Tom Herman that he is the biggest recruit that any Big Ten team will add this off season.  I wouldn’t have liked him at MSU because he doesn’t run what Coach D wants to run.  Coach D has had OC’s that wanted to run more of a spread type like Wilson and he didn’t want to.  No sense bringing in someone that doesn’t run the system you want to run.


There you go everyone.  That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article.  Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A.  If you are a premium member to Spartan Nation please make sure you point that out, as those questions get answered first.  Thank you.

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