Brent Mossburg

In-state LB Brent Mossburg commits to Michigan State as a PWO

In-state LB Brent Mossburg commits to Michigan State as a PWO

In-state LB Brent Mossburg commits to Michigan State as a PWO


Since he was a little boy, Airport Senior High School senior linebacker Brent Mossburg has dreamt of being a Michigan State (MSU) Spartan. On January 9th, 2017, the 6’3” 197 pound linebacker fulfilled his dream, as he accepted a preferred walk-on spot and committed to the Spartans.


“I just committed. I'm like the happiest man alive and my legs are shaking,” Brent exclaimed to me just after making the call to the Michigan State staff. On June 26th, 2016, Brent was offered the possibility of playing for the Spartans as a preferred walk-on. He waited out the recruiting process for a bit and received offers from GVSU, Valparaiso, Brown, and Dayton. Ultimately, Brent knew that no offer could top the preferred walk-on spot presented to him from Michigan State.

Brent explained the emotion he felt, knowing that he officially became a Spartan. “It feels like a dream come true… It is a dream come true. Calling all of my family members and letting them know my decision was definitely an amazing feeling. A lot of my family are alumni of MSU and one day I will be too and it is insane to think about it. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to attend such a beautiful school and be a part of an amazing program with football!”


Brent has been wearing green and white and watching the Spartans play on Saturdays for as long as he can remember. “Oh man, growing up I’ve always loved the running backs like Javon Ringer, Jeremy Langford, and Le'Veon Bell,” said Brent. After accepting his preferred walk-on spot as a linebacker, Brent will now have the opportunity to play defense against his favorite position growing up.


On the football field, one trait that Brent possesses separates him from the pack is his mindset. “My strengths are the knowledge of the game and my physical attitude as I throwing my body around,” he said. For Brent, he knew he was destined to play football since he was young, “All of my uncles and my dad played football. My dad and grandpa both played football in the MAC on the defensive side of the ball and they have passed their hard-nosed football mentality down to me and have taught me everything I know about football!”


Brent already has an idea of what he would like to accomplish as a Michigan State Spartan, and it embodies the characteristics of a real Spartan. “My personal goals would be to help the team and do my role, to eventually get out there and play, grow as a man with my teammates, and to graduate,” Brent commented. “My goals for the team would be winning the BIG 10 and National Championship! If there is one thing I have learned from all of my experiences, it would be that no dream, goal, or ambition is ever too big!”

Accepting a preferred walk-on spot is a huge deal for Brent, and he understood right away that it was not something to take for granted. “It’s the only shot I have to chase my dream so I can't pass it up.”


Brent’s senior season was cut short due to a broken wrist, as well as damaged nerves in his neck and brachial plexus. As a result, he lost about 10 pounds, currently weighing 197 pounds, but plans to bulk up before enrolling at Michigan State.

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