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Answering Your Michigan State Olympic Sports Emails and Questions…

Answering Your Michigan State Olympic Sports Emails and Questions…

Answering Your Michigan State Olympic Sports Emails and Questions…


Hondo: Please give me your perspective on the current state of MSU women’s rowing program. Can they be competitive again soon?  It has been a number of years since they won a B1G championship and made the NCAA field. OSU has won the last three NCAA titles and the league is pretty strong from top to bottom.  Best regards Patrick Sutka Wyandotte, MI

I know that they are doing well in recruiting.  They just picked up a great athlete out of Olivet that Michigan wanted as well named Noelle Rohde.  She comes from a diehard UM family and went against her dad’s love of the maize and blue to pick the Spartans.  I don’t follow the other schools close enough for a prediction, but it is a big deal when you are getting recruits your rivals want.


Hondo, I loved on your TV show that you sat down with Coach (Jake) Boss and Coach (Tom) Anastos.  Any other people who are not football basketball coaches coming on this season?  Chris W.

Yes Chris, we will have Casey Lubahn and Suzy Merchant in addition to Mark Hollis and President Lou Anna K. Simon.


Hondo, I was told that Jacquie Joseph, the softball coach, has a free ride as long as she wants to coach.  I heard her on your radio show say that when she got the new stadium she should be held accountable.  When does that accountability that she called for actually happen?  Our program is a joke.  I am a coach here in the state and I won’t send a girl to MSU if we can avoid it.  Please don’t use my name as I am not writing for the district.  EDITOR’S NOTE:  We are withholding this coach’s name, but Spartan Nation was able to verify that it is from an actual high school head coach in the state of Michigan.

Coach Jackie’s date with accountability is very close.  She did say that on my show and although MSU has been very patient, I can assure you that patience is running out and she has to win.


Hondo, I am a big fan of football and men’s basketball, but I occasionally enjoy it during the season when you have things from MSU volleyball and Coach George.  I am curious why you picked MSU volleyball to cover and none of the other MSU women’s sports?  Kelly Haggerty

Cathy George is one of the only women’s coaches who really cares about coverage and is making herself available regularly.  I have offered coverage to every MSU sport that wants it.  While volleyball doesn’t get a ton of coverage, they make themselves available to it and I happily oblige.  I have also covered women’s swimming and diving with Coach G and women’s basketball coach Suzy Merchant will be on the TV show soon.


Hondo, I have never seen or really know what cross country is, but with Holly Bullough coming to MSU I would like to go watch a game.  Is that possible?  You and her brothers have called her the best Bullough athlete for so long I figured I would go watch her like I did her grandpa, uncles, father and brothers.  Thanks for the help.  Nick Callie

Nick, it isn’t held at a stadium, but I would call MSU and ask for the cross country office and share your desire.  I am sure they can accommodate you.


Hondo, I met you at the baseball dinner last year.  How is MSU baseball looking this year?  I loved Jake Boss on the show.  Thanks, Cameron Phillips.

Jake has a super team this year.


There you go everyone.  That is your MSU Olympic sports Q/A for the week.  Remember that if you want to ask a question email me at SpartanNationMail@yahoo.com and put in the subject line Olympic Q/A

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