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We answered your Michigan State basketball questions and emails from on the court, off the court and recruiting!

We answered your Michigan State basketball questions and emails from on the court, off the court and recruiting!

Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...


The Spartans really need to get going.  Hondo, I don’t think Matt McQuaid or Eron Harris can be anything other than inconsistent.  How can our shooters not be able to shoot?  Nick F.

I would not say that they can’t shoot.  I would trust Tom Izzo’s evaluation of them over yours (no disrespect, but I am blinded by his orange Hall of Fame jacket) and he called them shooters again this week.


Now I want to let you read the next two emails as a demonstration that sometimes you just can’t win.

Hondo, I want to commend you for making it so clear when asking Izzo and McQuaid about his shooting struggles that you prefaced it with not being personal.  Some people forget these are kids and I respect you for not being afraid to ask the tough question, but doing it respectfully.  Stacey Williams


Hondo, you are such a piece of trash.  Why do you kiss Izzo and McQuaid’s (rear end) like such a tool fan boy?  Just ask the hard question, your lack of balls is an embarrassment.  Tim Brown

So in response to those emails I have never been afraid to make it perfectly clear when I think a player is an issue off the court.  Sadly, in today’s culture so many automatically think the worse of a person when their job performance is not up to expectation. So to Stacey I say thanks and to Tim I say that I am not going to change so I suggest you get over it.


Hondo, I was really appreciative that when you asked Tom Izzo in his weekly press conference this week about the two outside shooters you made it very clear that they are nice boys.  Ever since Jeff Smoker struggled I am ashamed to admit that I think the worse.  Jay Andre

Jay, thank you for being honest that is exactly why I asked the question that way. I’ve had several people ask me privately if there was concern with either player off the court and nothing could be further from the truth.


Hondo, I love all of the MSU basketball recruiting coverage that you are churning out and the big amounts of new highlights.  So with Izzo looking at this 2017 Greg Elliot you told us about, if Izzo offers does MSU have a chance or did he wait too long?    Charles P.

I firmly believe that if Izzo offers Greg he will get him.  The question is if he waits so long that Elliot grabs another offer or accepts one he already has.  This will be interesting to watch.  He is a late bloomer, but has a good game.

Hondo, you have said multiple times you do not think right now that MSU will get Brian Bowen or Brandon McCoy.  Still feel that way?  Art

Hi Art, I have said that and still feel that way, BUT I have also said multiple times that I do not think they are out.  Being behind the eight ball and out of it are two different things.  They have an uphill battle and I don’t think they get either, but it isn’t over.  They are still pushing.


Hondo, I was jacked reading the article about Keion Brooks and how Izzo has a good shot at landing the best player in Indiana for 2019.  I live here in Indiana and my son goes to a super good school for sports.  I mentioned to our coach about the article and he shook his head.  He called Izzo a “Genius” and said that coaches in the state are frustrated with Tom Crean’s lack of attention to the state.  I know you have a good relationship with Crean, have you heard frustration with coaches in the state with Crean for that? I was shocked with him coming off of the Izzo tree and Izzo’s love of Indiana players.  The coach also said Izzo “stole” Jaren Jackson out of the state and that people in the entire state feel like to lose top Indiana recruits to Izzo is disappointment, but that is why they think he is the best coach in the country.  Craig

Hi Craig, I have not talked to Tom Crean about that, but I have heard from people in Indiana that they are frustrated with Crean and that people in the state feel like both Indiana University and Purdue do not spend the time and attention on young players like Izzo.  Thanks for the email.

Hondo, is it just me or is 2018 recruiting for Izzo taking an interesting frame of what this year is?  Could it be that good?  Mel Aaron

They already have two solid commits in Thomas Kithier and Foster Loyer and are in on multiple bigs and another wing.  That is taking the frame work of what could be a monstrous class.

Hondo, it has been made clear that Eron and Matt are struggling.  If they don’t step up is there hope of any others who can?  Lisa Thomas

Great question and I have two guys that I think can do more; Alvin Ellis III and Kyle Ahrens.  Izzo has personally told me that he thinks Ahrens can develop into a pro and Ellis plays well with minutes.  He had 22 against OSU and picked up seven points and three boards.  If he can get and stay at 25 minutes I think he can be a 10/5 guy consistently. 



There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.


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