Kevin Momnohin

Michigan State added a 2017 potential preferred walk-on running back Kevin Momnohin yesterday, and we talked to him for you!

Michigan State added a 2017 potential preferred walk-on running back Kevin Momnohin yesterday, and we talked to him for you!

It’s time to meet Michigan State’s newest commit, and when I say newest, I really mean it – he accepted his potential preferred walk-on offer from MSU around 3:00pm on Thursday, so he’s been the proud member of the Spartans for all of a few hours! 


Kevin Momnohin (pronounced Monahan) is a 5’9.5”, 201-pound running back, originally from North Arlington, NJ, but is currently at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona.


“It’s a very exciting day for me, my family and Michigan State Nation,” Momnohin told Spartan Nation.  “I’m very excited to see what Michigan State has to bring!”


For anyone that doesn’t know, a preferred walk-on is a player that is recruited or invited to play for a program, despite not getting a scholarship.  In contrast, a regular walk-on is not recruited to the team, and must try out.  Kevin is a potential PWO, who has the opportunity to earn full potential walk-on status.


But because Momnohin is currently at a community college, it affects his years of eligibility at Michigan State.  He says, “Right now, I have two years plus a redshirt.  I have three to play two.”


Kevin says that Director of On-Campus Recruiting, Matt Mueller, has been the one staying in contact and guiding him through this process.  Momnohin says he’s already been to East Lansing once, albeit unofficially, when he attended the “Big Brother vs. Little Brother” game against Michigan, and really enjoyed the experience.


“Campus is actually beautiful.  It kind of reminds me of Jersey, so that’s a good thing because, obviously, Jersey is home to me; so if I can get the home environment experience at Michigan State University, there’s no doubt I’ll have a great time there,” said Momnohin, who plans to major in communications.


Not to mention, in comparison to Arizona, where he is now, Michigan is much closer to New Jersey, which will make his family happy. 


Although he is predominantly a running back, Kevin also says he can be a slot receiver and be a part of a wildcat package to some degree.


“I see myself wherever they could put me to help the team win – that’s what I’m all about, and can play multiple positions on the field.  But wherever the team needs me, I can definitely do it,” he said.


Even at just under 5’10”, Kevin believes he brings a solid skill set to the Spartans.


“I have great balance, pretty quick,” he said.  “But unfortunately, everybody can’t be 6’2-6’3, 220 [pounds], but for my size, I’m definitely well-balanced, well-put together.”


He’s also aware of his strengths and weaknesses.


“Catching out of the backfield, blocking – I pride myself as a pass-blocking running back,” Momnohin said of the positives in his game.  “What I could work on…there’s always room for improvement.  Work on my football IQ – that’s probably the most improvement I need to work on.”


If he is able to earn full PWO status, Kevin Momnohin would join Jack Mandryk as recent preferred walk-ons to accept offers from Michigan State, a school that has a history of handing out scholarships to walk-ons who earn them.


It may take a little while to fully develop, but the Spartans are expecting great things out of Kevin Momnohin.

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