Victor Dimukeje Talks Michigan State Official Visit and a Time Frame for Wrapping Up His Recruitment!

Victor Dimukeje Talks Michigan State Official Visit and a Time Frame for Wrapping Up His Recruitment!

Victor Dimukeje Talks Michigan State Official Visit and a Time Frame for Wrapping Up His Recruitment!

Michigan State and Mark Dantonio would love to land 6’2” 260# DE Victor Dimukeje from Baltimore, Maryland for the 2017 class.  He is no stranger to readers of Spartan Nation and the young man was in East Lansing last weekend.  Today he makes his last official visit to Duke and Spartan Nation caught up with him just before he boarded a plane to North Carolina.

We asked him how his visit to Michigan State was last weekend and he opened up saying, “It was a great time.  I really enjoyed my time with the coaches and all of the football players.  Getting to really see the nature of the coaches and being around them and learning their personalities and getting a better feel of the program and how they want to use me.  Time is a real way of getting to know people and on an official visit you have more of it.  I really liked how Michigan State focuses on time with a recruit.”

As signing day looms you can always tell how key a player is in the MSU plans.  How much face time does he get from the head coach?  On what was the busiest weekend of the recruiting season, Dimukeje got more than his fair share with Dantonio.

“It was great.  Coach Dantonio was around me the entire time.  He never left me and actually drove me and my mom to the airport when it was time to leave.  With all of those recruits on campus he actually took the time to personally drive us.  I would love to be coached by a man like him.  That was special.”

It was stunning to me when Dimukeje shared that nugget with me about the amount of time he got with Dantonio.  While Dantonio is very personable, as busy as last weekend was for the Spartans, Dantonio doing that spoke volumes.  Did Dimukeje grasp the value of that gesture?

“I sure did.  It meant a lot to me and my mom.  For the head coach to drop you off and spend that time tells me the importance of people to him.  He is a great coach and a great man even more.”

Think about this Spartan Nation.  Dantonio turned around and was in Baltimore to see Dimukeje back at his high school last week as well.  Dimukeje said, “I think for him to come right back here to see me is pretty amazing.  I really do appreciate that.”

So while he tours Duke this weekend, are the Spartans still in contention for the young man?  “Most definitely they are.  Me and my mom were definitely impressed with what we saw being around the school and getting a feel for the program.”

One area very important to Dimukeje is his faith.  He and his family hold it tight and Dimukeje had told Spartan Nation prior to his visit that he wanted to see if Michigan State was open to young men who hold their Christian faith close to them.  He liked that faith was a big part of Dantonio’s life.

“They have this one book (Winner’s Manual) that really focuses you on wining with life.  He talked about how his faith is so important to him and spoke from his heart.  It was real and it matters to him as well. My mom was in love with that and him and it made her feel at home at Michigan State.”

So what did he think of the gorgeous Spartan campus?  “One thing I loved about the campus was the diversity.  A diverse school with different people from so many countries was really cool to see and appealed to me having come from Nigeria.   Michigan State really is an international school and I like being around new people and making new friends.”

But one thing really stood out to Dimukeje.  It won’t shock Spartan fans, but it speaks to the heart of what makes Michigan State a special place.  “I loved the facilities.  What really stood out was I went to Coach Izzo and met him and saw all of their facilities.  It is just so cool and it was a really great experience and amazing meeting those players and another great coach like Coach Izzo.”

Dimukeje told me that while he will be at Duke this weekend, that after the Blue Devils, “That is all I have planned.”  Does he have a time frame for a decision?  “I am going to make it before signing day.”

Dimukeje is a refreshing young man in the recruiting process.  He is not intimidated from the attention, but he isn’t seeking it.  So I asked him to describe how he is handling the recruiting process.  “It is definitely a tough process. It has been stressful, but I try to focus on the positive side rather than the negative and I focus on that.

Dimukeje is a young man with a real shot at playing on Sundays.  He is also a superior student and that is why the education of Duke really appeals to him.  MSU is squarely in the hunt for the youngster who was truly moved by his visit.  The battle comes down to overcoming the education of Duke and the proximity of home that Virginia Tech offers.

Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest from Dimukeje.

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