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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, how good can Joe Bachie the true freshman middle backer who played this year be?  Anyone in particular he reminds you of?  Jon Pume

He can be great.  He reminds me of Max Bullough in so many ways.  I think he can be that good.  He is one of the smartest football players I have seen and his love of the weight and film room combined with a desire to practice and love of practice makes him special.


Hondo you posted yesterday about a new OLB coming in from Wisconsin.  I think his name was Noah Harvey.  Do you think he comes to MSU?  Kyle L.

If MSU offers him a gray shirt (enrolls this summer with the rest of the class, but doesn’t go on scholarship until January 2018) I would say no.  If they offer him a scholarship that starts the same as the rest of the class, yes I do.

Hondo, a lot of people want to talk freshman or they want to talk new recruits, I have a different one.  Can you name a player that people don’t or aren’t talking about that you think could become like a Big Ten first team player?  We all know about the players that get the publicity, just trying to look behind the curtains a little bit.  Rich S.

That is a great question.  There are some guys that get a lot of publicity because they are known.  Going behind the curtain, as you say, I say Jake Hartbarger.  He is so good and a punter doesn’t get a lot of love.  He has a cannon for a leg and the loss of Mike Sadler not only impacted the team, but really hit him hard.  As good as he was last year, I will not be shocked if he finishes 2017 as an All Big Ten performer.


Hondo, you have always seemed to like Damion Terry, but also pretty blunt about his playing time.  Do you not think he is a good player or is there another reason you seem down on his impact?  Chris Rogan

First, I not only like Damion, I respect him and his amazing mom Shelby.  Damion is a very talented athlete.  He has to stay healthy.  He has not as of yet done that.  If you can’t stay healthy, you can’t play.  Coach Dantonio’s emphatic comment about Brian Lewerke being the guy going to next year says a lot.


Hondo, I know Raheem Blackshear was committed to Michigan State, then took his commitment Tweet down.  A) Is he committed or did he change? B) If he did change do you think he ends up at MSU?  Brian P.

Do I think he will still come to MSU?  No.  Having said that, recruiting is so weird.  I have had kids (as have the coaches) in this cycle be completely honest and some flat out lie so you never say never.  I highly doubt he comes to MSU.


Hondo, can Matt Sokol step up and really lead as the #1 tight end next year?  Jared

Yes Jared, he has very soft hands and is a great blocker.  I think TE might surprise everyone next year and not just because of him.


Hondo, what is the story on Jon Lovett the running back out of New Jersey? Heard he had committed, heard he had backed off.  Any update?  Rachel in St. Johns

He is down to MSU and Baylor and everyone that I have spoken to thinks he is a lock to Baylor.


Hondo, I really liked the CB out of California Emmanuel Flowers since I heard and read your interview.  Seems like an MSU kind of kid.  Do you see him in green next year?  Thanks for the great work.  Matt Rice

Yes I do and he is a great kid.


Hondo, is there a name as signing day approaches that isn’t getting a ton of love or attention, but you think could end up in East Lansing?  Is he a filler or are you excited about him as well?  Jason Ramirez

Alonzo Booth is a big bruising RB.  I really like him as a person and a player and I know he has a lot of the staff that feel the same.  Coach Tressel was in to see him yesterday.  He was supposed to visit last weekend and MSU cancelled his visit because they THOUGHT they were full at RB.  That is not the case so we shall see.

Hondo, of the players that are committed now, what one is flying under the radar that you think is really special? V. Miller

Kevin Jarvis.  He plays like Jack Allen with an extra gear of mean.  I love to watch him play.  There are others, but you asked for an under the radar player and I don’t think he gets the love he deserves.


There you go everyone.  That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article.  Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A.  If you are a premium member to Spartan Nation please make sure you point that out, as those questions get answered first.  Thank you.

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