Tommy Bush

Texas 2018 WR Tommy Bush has his eyes on the Spartans now that the highly sought after talent has his much anticipated Michigan State offer!

Texas 2018 WR Tommy Bush has his eyes on the Spartans now that the highly sought after talent has his much anticipated Michigan State offer!

2018 may seem pretty far away, considering we’re just a month into 2017, but in college football, it’s actually just around the corner because recruiting never stops.  So let’s meet a wide receiver from the Class of 2018, Tommy Bush.  He already has multiple offers on the table including most recently Michigan State.  At 6'5" and nearly 185# this lanky Texan has tremendous speed with stunning athleticism.

“Michigan State interests me because of its former players, I believe that it’s a different location for me to explore, and I’ve heard many good things; I love watching them on TV,” Bush told Spartan Nation.  “I can’t wait until I hope we can visit, hopefully get to meet the coaches in person, and in the future, who knows, maybe playing there.” 


Bush told Spartan Nation of his offer that, “It is a blessing to be entrusted with an opportunity to use your God given skills and get a free education out of it.  Especially when that opportunity is at a great school like Michigan State.  God gave me those skills so he gets all of the praise, but I can’t forget with those skills comes responsibilities.”

Bush, a 6’5”, 185-pound wide receiver and safety, hails from Samuel Clemens High School in Schertz, TX, just outside of San Antonio.  He says he’s generally heard from Coach Harlon Barnett and Coach Terrence Samuel from MSU during the recruiting process.  He also mentioned he’s willing to play on both sides of the ball in college.


“That’s what I’m hoping for,” Bush admitted.  I’ll play either side of the ball.  I’m very well considering to go for defense; I will go to defense if that’s the best situation for me.  When I commit to a team it will be to be a player on a team.  You play where they need you and where they want you.”

Bush does have another connection to Michigan State though – he’s a HUGE Le’Veon Bell fan.  While Bell is now running wild on Sundays for the Steelers, it wasn’t long ago he was a three-year standout in East Lansing for the Spartans (2010-2012).  When asked if Le’Veon Bell having been a Spartan was a hook for Michigan State, Bush replied emphatically, “It definitely helps the case!”


As for what Tommy Bush brings to the field, there are both positives and negatives.


First on the plus side, Bush says, “A lot of them [coaches/recruiters] compliment my speed and the way I catch with my hands, and how I like to score after – receiving yards after catch.”


However, on the downside, he acknowledges, “I need to be more crisp on my cuts,” specifically referring to his route running.


Whichever school lands this promising recruit will not only be getting a solid football player, but an upstanding individual, as well.


“My parents brought me up well, not to be boastful…that’s just not in me,” Bush said.  “I appreciate every bit of welcome from any coach, any player, anybody.  I don’t shed anything out, I accept everything until I realize that it’s the best opportunity for me or my family.”


Despite having a few offers already on the table, Tommy says he currently has no timetable for a decision.  But while the young Texan is humble, he isn’t stupid.  He knows that schools don’t wait in the accelerated era of college recruiting.


“If they do offer me that opportunity to visit them, I will communicate with my family and hopefully we can make it up there,” Bush said.  “That would be fantastic!” 


Bush is thrilled to have his Spartan offer.  He is a throwback player who loves the game and it shows in his old school approach.  Always giving 110%, he is willing to go up and make the big catch, but also to deliver the devastating down field block the unleased the great Spartan tailbacks like Bell.


So while Bush’s recruiting is heating up like a jalapeno pepper in some of the amazing Mexican food found all over his home of San Antonio, it hasn’t gone to his head.  This humble young man is not a kid despite his age.  His family has done an amazing job raising him to be a young man and he is.  Proving even more that he not only has the skills, but the mindset and character to be the next great Spartan Texan in a long line of players who have made the trip from the Lone Star state. 


Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest on Bush. 

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